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A business whose heart is for the community

A business whose heart is for the community

At Esoft, we care for each other. We take actions for our employee and social welfare. To us, openness, transparency and inclusivity are upmost priorities in creating an environment where everyone is equally treated equally with respect. Our award-winning CSR policy, values and employee ethics prove that we’re not all talk.

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Global responsibilities – Local actions

Since 2010, Esoft has been an active member of the Global Compact Initiative, a program under by the United Nations that is committed to promoting sustainable development via human rights, labour, anti-corruption, and environmental initiatives. As a global company with more than 850 employees worldwide, we are committed to taking on responsibility for our employees, customers, partners as well as society at large.

Training and employment for all

Our focus is on Vietnam, where we have our largest office with more than 800 employees. Here, we collaborate with many local NGOs including Will to Live’ , ‘Hanoi Association for People with Disabilities’ to provide continuous job training and opportunities for people with disabilities. As of January 2022, 9.4% of our staff in Vietnam are people with disabilities.

We also promote the employment of female staff in all parts of our organization. We are doing so by offering a flexible working environment including the opportunity to work par-time and from home. Today, 35% of our staff in Vietnam are female.

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better schooling

Improving education in the local community

At Esoft, we love doing good for the community. Each year, we organise a number of community trips to Northern areas of Vietnam to promote a better education for children of minority ethnic groups. As the schools there are often under-equipped, we helped create concrete roads and pathways for easier school access, we cleaned up and repainted classrooms for a more engaging learning environment, we hosted games and gave out gifts (school stationery kits, books and so on) to make learning more fun and easier.

Esoft CSR Award

Recipient of the International CSR Excellence Awards

In 2019, Esoft Vietnam won the International CSR Excellence Award for the second time.

We were the winner in the category of “Community Commitment”, highlighting our work with local organizations relating to on-the-job training and employment of people with disabilities but also our efforts to work with local NGOs in Vietnam offering our post-processing services allowing them to improve their visual profile.

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