WIS - a streamlined workflow approach for 6 times faster delivery

Case Study: WIS & a comprehensive workflow shift for 6 times faster delivery process

This case study features WIS’s journey of adapting to Coconut (an automated ordering platform offered by Esoft), and how this streamlined workflow helps this 140 photographer business stay ahead in a competitive market.

The Story

WIS, a real estate production company established in 2015, specializes in comprehensive post-production services, including photo editing, video production, 3D tours, floor plans, and drone photos. Targeting real estate agents in the United States, the company aims to provide premium services to its clients.

In the early stages of establishment, WIS maintained a manual delivery workflow for a long period, causing some drawbacks in communication among parties and certain struggles in managing photo inputs and orders. These disadvantages gradually became major issues of the business as it grew and scaled.

By adopting pivotal features of Coconut, WIS was not only capable of cutting down expenses for recruiting Quality Control, but also successfully achieved consistently high-quality product offerings with a 6 times faster delivery process for each photoshoot and reduced a significant amount of time for correction. 

Client’s Objectives when adapting to Manual Workflow

  • a firm and efficient structure for operation and management
  • platforms/system both suits the structures and have the shortest input transfer and order delivery time.

It took WIS years to explore and figure out an ideal solution for them. After going through numerous platforms testing and adapting, WIS initially got the operation settled with manual workflow optimizing the best practices of different platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox and weTransfer. These platforms ensured steady delivery performance, but also raised certain concerns about efficient tracking and management at the same time.

Challenges posed by Manual Workflow

The manual workflow using platforms like Dropbox and Google Products proved to be time-consuming and cost-inefficient:

  • Dropbox: Inconvenient processes of transferring and managing input folders were found to be the major problems. Inputs with large capacity are loaded slowly, and only one fixed link available for one input folder caused irritation regarding link access permission.
  • Order management via Email: taking new orders and requests through email in order made WIS likely to skip some unintentionally. Also, navigating those emails manually is definitely a time-consuming task.

Approach to Adopting New Real Estate Workflow

In its quest for an improved workflow, WIS aimed to streamline its workflow while adding more services without increasing costs. To deal with the emerging issues of manual workflow, Esoft arranged different meetings with WIS for a comprehensive solution.

Throughout these sessions, Esoft had great opportunities to fully understand the pains and demands for a more streamlined real estate workflow, while customizing solutions that would align well with WIS’s business goals and strategies.

What we did to support WIS adapting to new solutions:

  • KAM: a strategic partner who conducted frequent meetings for effective communication and tailored solutions aligning with the business’s objectives.
    – As a dedicated companion at the time, the KAM took full responsibility for working closely with WIS.
    – It was KAM’s priority to ensure the results of workflow shifting would meet WIS’s expected outcomes and help address any emerging issues.
    – All private strategic meetings between the KAM and WIS were held productively and efficiently. This was highly appreciated by WIS since a smooth and seamless transition could be ensured.
  • Customer Support Department: Ensure seamless system setup.
    In terms of technical aspects, the Customer Support Department facilitated the setup and functional stages, eliminating potential risks during the adapting process.

Featured Service: Coconut 2.0 – Frictionless Ordering And Business Management Platform

A streamlined solution for real estate production
Coconut 2.0 – A streamlined solution for real estate production

Positive Impacts of the New Streamlined Workflow

Since adopting the new solution, WIS has experienced outstanding results with positive impacts:

  • Cost Savings: The streamlined workflow eliminated the need for additional Quality Control hires, resulting in significant cost savings for WIS. (the exact number is not mentioned due to confidentiality).
  • Operation Efficiency: The integration with Dropbox and other platforms reduced the time required for each photoshoot from 12 minutes to just 2 minutes. This six-fold increase in efficiency allowed for significantly faster delivery of photo inputs.
  • Real-time Notifications: The new solution ensures that when photographers upload photo inputs, the system immediately notifies editors. This real-time notification system prevents missed requests and delays in the processing workflow.
  • White-label: With Coconut’s white-label function, WIS is not only able to increase brand awareness, but also conceal its identity with the business’s brand logo, colors and thumbnails showcased on ordering page.
  • Comprehensive Quality Control: With data report and dashboard functions, it is possible to have a view of overall performance (correction rate, total orders, assigned photographers).
impacts of new real estate workflow
The impacts of new streamlined workflow

Key Takeaways

The successful adaptation to a new streamlined workflow has positioned WIS for continued growth and competitiveness in the real estate media industry. The collaboration with Esoft, the dedicated support provided by the KAM, and the integration of the new solution with existing platforms have collectively resulted in improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and faster turnaround times. As WIS continues to expand its services, the case study demonstrates the importance of embracing innovative solutions to meet evolving business needs and market demands.