Top 5 Important Real Estate Media Trends for 2023

Top 5 Real Estate Media Trends for 2023

The technological changes in the market have brought many new opportunities for agents to grab the attention of prospective buyers and renters. As that continues to evolve, so does the scope of real estate marketing. Running a real estate photography business and in search of visual trends for your next best offering? You’ve landed on the right blog. In this blog, let’s find out the 5 major real estate media trends for 2023. Read on to stay ahead of the curve and continue to offer your clients the most effective services.

1. Rise of videos (in vertical format)

We’ve experienced continued growth of popularity in video content over the years. The number of videos watched online has nearly doubled since 2018. Homebuyers want to see homes before they make an offer, and videos provide an immersive way to do just that. Embracing this trend into your real estate marketing arsenal will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors in the long run.

Short and vertical videos (Tiktok, Instagram Reels) are also now included in the packages offered by many real estate photography companies and adopted by many real estate agents. On another note, photo-manipulated video like Virtual Timelapse is also gaining massive traction across markets like the US and European.

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2. Virtual tours as a way to view properties

It’s no secret that homebuyers have changed their inspection behavior after the pandemic. Enter virtual tours to save the day! As a fully digital way for prospective buyers and potential investors to take a tour of a property off-site, virtual tours are now a go-to choice for agents marketing high-end residential properties, commercial properties such as restaurants, shophouses, or even clinical venues. These tours remain a highly popular feature that people look out for when searching for properties online and will probably continue to increase in popularity moving forward.

What’s more, virtual staging has been applied more in virtual tours to create an immersive touring experience for vacant venues. Marketers of such venues often have a generous budget, meaning virtually staged 360 tours can be a lucrative option for your business.

3. Increased use of drone photography and videography 

As drones have become more accessible with their prices reduced for more entry-level models, they have become much more apparent in many industries – real estate included. The ability to take aerial photos and videos which help showcase the property and its surrounding amenities has made real estate drone photography a popular solution for forward-thinking agents. Looking ahead, drone videography and photography look as though they may well become a staple when listing homes.

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real estate drone photo
Real estate drone photography with mark-up signs

4. Virtual staging & renovation are still in the game

If a home is vacant, prospective buyers may find it difficult to visualize themselves in the property. To overcome this, agents previously used to have furniture and accessories brought into the house before any photos were taken. Thankfully, it can now be done digitally through real estate virtual staging and a digital furniture library. As one might expect, this can substantially reduce costs as agents no longer need to reserve and bring bulky furniture to get the job done. 

Residential Virtual Staging Template - Living room - Esoft 3D rendering services
Modern Design in Virtual Staging
Japandi is one of the top virtual staging trends
Japandi Design in 3D visualization and staging

The top trends for Virtual Staging include Japandi, Biophilic, Wabi Sabi, Scandinavian, and Modern interior design styles. Check out this blog for a detailed explanation: Top 5 real estate home design trends for 2023

It’s now even possible to show future buyers the potential of a home through virtual renovations. Through this photo manipulation technique, you can do almost anything to the house, such as digitally replacing flooring, adding or removing walls as well as adding fixtures, removing blemishes or specific objects, and even adding an entire pool installation. 

5. Social media to find and share real estate listings

It’s no secret that social media usage has been steadily growing every year. Active user figures have more than doubled since 2015. Assuming this trend continues on its upward trajectory, it can also be expected that social media is going to be utilized to search for and share real estate listings.

If you haven’t hopped onto social media, it’s time to establish your presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram (Reels), not to mention the latest Tiktok. Publishing listings on these networks will allow you to more effectively reach your audience while offering them the ability to easily share the content with friends and family that may end up turning into a purchase!

Interestingly, real estate content (photo and video) for social media has been more inclined on showing little details with close-focus shots. The format of such content is also more vertical than horizontal. So, watch out for vertical photos as they are the next big real estate media trend for 2023.

vertical photo is one of real estate media trends for 2023

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