Top 4 best real estate photography trends 2023

Top 4 best real estate photography trends 2023

As real estate marketing constantly evolves with new trends and technologies, it’s important for photography businesses and photographers, in general, to keep up with the latest changes. To make your services more competitive and keep your media visually pleasing to agents and home buyers, check out these top 4 real estate photography trends 2023. There will be many implications for your photography business.

#1. Natural Editing Style

Real estate natural editing styles simply mean editing that property image so that it looks pretty much how your eyes saw it when you took the photo. No extra filters or funky color effects and keeping the image relatively true to life. It basically revolves around making adjustments to color temperature, white balance, and even bringing back some color casts to make the property image look more lifelike than perfectly edited.

Architectural high end photo editing

When trying to achieve a natural look for the property, nothing can replace the proper use of composition and lighting, which demand stronger shooting skills from photographers. Real estate natural editing styles will mostly help enhance the images but not let them stray too far from the actual realities. They give viewers an accurate depiction of what they will actually experience when using that property. By keeping it real but also visually pleasing, your customers will more likely be attracted.

So what does it mean for photography businesses?

A new set of real estate photography ideas to serve different segments of clients! Natural photo editing styles are often seen in publications and magazines like Vogue Living. It’s used to focus on the lifestyle, the home aesthetics, and the interior or architecture aspects, not the property-for-sell types of messages. Therefore, if you own a photography business, real estate natural editing styles can be a tool to serve high-end clients such as architects, luxury residential estate agents, commercial estate agents, or even publishers.

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#2. Vertical photos

Looking for new real estate photography ideas for your services, vertical photos are your next big answer. Vertical photos are simply photos in portrait orientation with an aspect ratio tailored to fit the mobile phone screen.

Since most homebuyers use mobile phones, they show their engagement with more vertical-oriented media than horizontal opponents. As a result, real estate agents need more vertical photos and videos for their real estate photography ideas, demanding such services from businesses of real estate photography in USA. Vertical photos give online homebuyers a much better sense of space and detail when they scroll through their news feed, increasing their chance of interacting with the media. Of course, here you might relate to the need for vertical videos well.

Vertical photo
Vertical photo

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So photography businesses, what does that imply?

As the vertical photo is one of the undeniable real estate photography trends 2023 for social media marketing, you should include such photos in your package. Cropping horizontal photos in vertical format or shooting vertical photos both work. Maybe you can try to rethink and reapproach the way you shoot properties. Consider some real estate photography ideas that are nice and easy (maybe with a single ambient or single flash exposure) instead of flambient, HDR,… to effectively use them for your social media services.

#3. Close-focused or detailed shot photos

There has been a shift in how real estate agents present their listings on social media, especially on Instagram. Nowadays, many estate agents are leaning on aesthetic presentations of the social media feed, using close-focused property photos. These real estate photography ideas focus more on the broad space and the rooms and depict different details and objects that communicate subtle personalities and visual aspects.

A close focus photo
Close-focused photos can help to communicate the personalities of the property

What does that mean for real estate photography businesses?

Acknowledging this as one of the top real estate photography trends 2023, real estate photographers should start producing or incorporating object-focused real estate photography ideas in their packages. For example, along with the beautiful bright kitchen photos, you can highlight details such as a plate of fresh fruits or some kitchen wares to spark a spatial personality. As the demand for this type of photography has been on the rise, photographers need to practice shooting with a close focus on such details too. It’s time to be creative!

#4. Drone photos

Real estate aerial photography remains one of the most common real estate photography ideas. Photos taken from a drone provide a bird’s-eye view of the home, illustrating its design, size, and setting. For homebuyers, the location is just as important as the actual house. Aerial shots help highlight both the exterior look of the home and the surrounding area selling points including public amenities that could hardly be shown off in normal photos.

A drone photo

When should we include aerial real estate photography ideas?

Drone photos work best when the property’s location is a selling factor. Consider including aerial shots for premium and luxury houses or any properties that are in desirable locations. Drones for real estate photos are also a good approach if the property has gorgeous landscaping, outbuildings, or any other notable features. You can upsell your traditional photography businesses with drone images. If you already offer drone photos, consider creative add-ons, like property highlight or drone line markup, rather than just traditional drone photos.

Key Takeaway
Consider implementing these four real estate photography ideas as a way to upgrade your traditional photo products. Real estate photography businesses must always go beyond the client’s expectations and stay updated with trends to stand out in a “blue ocean” market.