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Enliven your property video with Blue Sky guarantee solution
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Enliven your property video with Blue Sky guarantee solution

Esoft’s Blue Sky Guarantee solution help you replace of gloomy skies in both walkthrough and aerial drone footages. Now you can well handle poor weather conditions, utilize all the benefits of an attractive blue sky in lively videos, just like in still images.

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Weather the weather

Replicate the power of a true blue sky in images into your property videos. Schedule and shoot at your convenience, regardless of the seasonal and lighting barriers. With Esoft’s Blue Sky Video solution, you can replace the originally overcast, dull appearance with an azure look of the sky to significantly enhance your content’s overall quality. Now, you can always confidently offer your realtors with stunning videos with bright blue sky all year round.

Benefits of blue sky-replaced property videos

Your Reputation

Mark your brand as dependable and professional by providing great quality videos in all weather conditions.


Generate incremental revenue from your video package with a blue sky guarantee. This is the perfect add-on to your drone, walkthrough videos, especially in wet, snow seasons.

More Business

Phase-out lighting and bad weather conditions to shoot more material, more projects for more clients.

Buyer Interest

85% of homebuyers are more likely to take action with a property presentation, either photo or video, that features a clear blue sky.

Guarantee a difference with Esoft’s Blue Sky Replacement

Stun your realtors in the middle of a grey-skied season. Esoft provides blue sky replacement for your real estate videos with a 24-hour turnaround time, reliable quality, and in-depth cinematic editing techniques.

Are you ready to harness the power of a Blue Sky Video?

Interested in Esoft’s blue sky solutions? Talk to our team today to find out more and let’s discuss how an azure sky can benefit your real estate photography team. Our team is here to help!

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