Area Trace Graphics: engaging outline of the area's boundaries
Highlight the Specific Areas within Video Screens with Area Trace Graphics
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Highlight the Specific Areas within Video Screens with Area Trace Graphics

A must-have graphic for effective real estate as it helps potential buyers understand the property layout and dimensions. Thanks to Area Trace Graphics, it is never been easier for buyers to visualize the space and its possibilities. A visually engaging graphic overlay that outlines the property boundaries or specific areas emphasizes details and dimensions inside the video screen.

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Area Trace Grqaphic: Visualize the space effortlessly with a fascinating graphic overlay.

Enhance the real estate viewing experience by adding Area Tracing with a camera tracking effect. By highlighting the dimensions and layout of the property, these add-on graphics make it easier to space visualization. Area trace graphics give a better understanding of the property features and layout, which can help agents generate a satisfying purchasing experience for buyers. Tracing with a camera tracking effect creates an attractive add-on graphic visualizing the potential areas effectively within the video screen.

Benefit of having an add-on Area trace graphic

In Real Estate Videos

Space visualization

Layout highlighting with animated area trace graphics clarifies the details and dimensions, visualizing the specific area to showcase impressively.

Inspirational Illustration

Turn vapid property showcase into more details visualization by adding area trace graphics, illustrating boundaries, and the outline of highlighted spaces.


Adding more effects inside videos impressively show more details, creates an impressive viewing experience, and captures more engagement to an every-single video screen.

Agents’ interest

Add-on area trace graphics edited with smooth tracing effect help agents tell more things instead of traditional property tours

Guarantee a difference with Esoft’s Area Trace Graphics

Offering Area Trace Graphics helps you stand out from competitors, who only have traditional photo and video editing services. Having Add-on graphics into product line offerings creates a real difference to real estate videos.

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