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Fulfilling cinematic experiences start with great video editing
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Fulfilling cinematic experiences start with great video editing

For real estate videographers looking for scalable and reliable video editing helps, Esoft provides numerous solutions that bring each footage to its full potentials. We cherish the stories behind each property through the celebration of the smallest details.

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Complete solution package for real estate videographers

Whether it is a short slideshow for social media marketing (SoMe) or an extensive walkthrough for a dedicated property presentation, we are here to help you with all sorts of video editing. We tailor the show to best reflect your unique styles and create enjoyable cinematic experiences for your audiences. See our solutions below.

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Consider these additional features to complete your video offerings.

Professional real estate video editing

Videos are a powerful, remarkable tool in presenting a property. For real estate production teams, a stunning video will leave a mark in the eyes of realtors and homebuyers alike. At Esoft, we take pride in our editors’ seasoned processing skills that help your creatives stand out.

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A growing production team often has a tight schedule, moving quickly from one property to another, leaving them little time to carefully process raw video footages, create stunning videos and quickly return to realtors.

With extensive experience in real estate video editing, our highly scalable and flexible editing team is confident in handling any kind of video editing requirements with ease. Careful color grading, contrast and brightness correction, motion effect creation, animated texts and music incorporation will all be considered and evaluated to ensure vibrant, communicative and memorable videos.

Make every content piece count

Whether it’s a teaser that shows the property’s highlights, an aerial video that shows the surrounding neighborhood or a walkthrough that sheds light on the smallest details, we ensure the quality of your video is excellent. Our video team also works closely with photo teams to select the best looking, highest quality images to help clients create catchy slideshows and numerous social media marketing video posts. It’s okay not to have videos – creating a video from your images can work wonders.

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Working closely with and providing guidance for editors, our quality assurance experts can also help you and your team streamline video-recording techniques, compositions skills as well latest production, tool knowledge so we can grow stronger together. They are ready to jump on a call and help you with what you need for high quality input.

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