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Strategic Packages – Unlock New Capabilities to Expand Market Share
Esoft Strategic Packages

Strategic Packages – Unlock New Capabilities to Expand Market Share

Specifically CUSTOMIZED to align with your current selling format, Esoft’s strategic package is the ideal solution to help you strengthen operation and upsell effectively, ultimately leading to an increase in your market share.

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Expand market share with STRATEGIC PACKAGES? How so?

Solution Alignment

We customize our packaging solutions to align with your current selling packages, simplifying your ordering and delivery process.

Ease of Ordering

Coconut 2.0 helps save time by reducing manual workflow when it comes to order submission, especially for packages with multiple products.

End-to-end Seamless Workflow

Reduce administrative work by simply downloading and sending the whole package to agents without having to repackage.

Cost Efficiency

Packages reduce your operation costs, leading to cost savings for your clients, therefore, attract budget-conscious real estate agents.

Expand Market Share

Customized packages are suitable for various types of properties, helping you to attract prospects from different areas.

Value-Added Upselling

Potentially increase your revenue with higher-value products by providing agents with more marketing materials.

How it Works?

Photo + Virtual Dusk
– Our recommended package for effective upselling

Virtual Dusk is an effective choice to enhance the visual appeal of properties. Add more value to your photo package while still saving costs! Watch our white-labeled Promotional Video to discover the full benefits of this combination!

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If you wish to promote this package, utilize our Promotional Video to save time on marketing efforts!  

White-label Instagram Guide
– A guide to maximize Instagram Reels

Comes along with our Strategic Packages, the guide covers from reel ideations to must-known tips, optimal for both internal and external use. Utilize it to provide extra value for agents, meanwhile, growing your Instagram channel to generate more leads.

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