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Virtual Dusk – a more affordable way to sell night photos 
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Virtual Dusk – a more affordable way to sell night photos 

Virtual Dusk allows you to offer realtors the perfect alternative to real twilight photos at a lower price without constraints of timing, lighting, or bad weather. Shoot the property at your convenience, on either sunny or cloudy days. Rest assured a cozy look and feel of the home is guaranteed, always.

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Exterior Day to Dusk

Take on realtors’ requests for night images even in gloomy weather, poor lighting, or absent perfect dusk sky. Offer attractive alternative night vision of the property with Exterior Virtual Dusk solutions. Also, they make the key ingredient for a radiant virtual time-lapse, that makes your portfolio even more attractive.

Interior Day to Dusk

Amaze realtors and make your property images feel cozier with the splendid ambiance created with Interior Virtual Dusk. Vivid and inspiring, those make homebuyers easier to picture their future life from day to dusk. Plus, they make your real estate photography portfolio attractive in the mind of realtors!

Why Virtual Dusk with Esoft?

Speedy Turnaround

Spend more time shooting and marketing your business – leave the day-to-dusk conversion to us and we’ll deliver your images back within 12 hours.


Never decline a work request due to insufficient in-house editing capacity. Serve more realtors and let Esoft take care of your post-processing with consistently high quality.

Handy Ordering System

Streamline your process with our system for all you need: order and delivery management, status checking, support request.

Easy Bundling

Optimize your virtual dusk images with a virtual time-lapse or social media slideshow for an appealing marketing material package.

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Virtual Timelapse

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