Interactive Floor Plan - #1 Immersive Viewing Experience ✔️
Impress Your Realtor with an Interactive Floor Plan

Impress Your Realtor with an Interactive Floor Plan

Use an interactive floor plan to maximize the value of your photos and videos in a highly immersive format. It is the perfect option to offer your realtors if they are already buying floor plans, photos, or videos from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive 2D Floor Plan

Make your 2D floor plan more comprehensive and engaging by adding videos, photos, or 360-degree pictures into the featured corners with our 2D floor plan creator. Make it as rich as you want with as many visual elements as your client desires.

Interactive 3D Floor Plan 

Amplify the visual impact of your 3D Floor Plan by highlighting the home’s sweet spots with featured images and videos. You can offer this as an upsell option to your realtors when they order any property photos. With a 3D floor plan, you can build a realistic illustration of your ideas with our interior 3D visualization services.

How Does an Interactive Floor Plan Help Your Real Estate Business?

An interactive floor plan allows you to showcase all the property’s great features easily. When everyone has a tight schedule, a digital, immersive floor plan can make it easier for the client to look through the space or the design you have in mind for the property. With it, clients can have a more concrete picture of the design and take a closer look at all the elements with just a click of the mouse or tap of their screen. You can also do CGI rendering for the featured corners of the floor plan or ask our team to help you in editing your real estate photos.

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Why ‘Interactive Floor Plan’ with Esoft?

Customized Branding

Customize your floor plan with your brand styles, realtor’s logos and custom favicon on the viewing portal. Send viewers to the landing page by embedding the link.

Auto Ratio Protection

Stop worrying about images being warped or accidentally cropped due to different screen displays. Our tool detects your working input dimension and creates white space to protect their original ratio.

Downloadable Working Input

Enable or disable your realtors and their buyers to download the working input (i.e., the attached floor plans, videos, images) to best suit your business interest.

Various Templates

Select one of our many interactive templates to present your floor plan in a unique way.

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