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CloudScanner – Complete Floor Plan Solution

CloudScanner – Complete Floor Plan Solution

Streamline floor plan solution by optimizing time, reducing operational costs, and simplifying processes for real estate photography businesses.


CloudScanner’s Three-Step Revolution: Scan, Produce, and Edit

CloudScanner Complete Floor Plan Solution is the integration of the floor plan scanning app, Esoft’s post-production systems, and customizable self-editing tool.

This integrated approach ensures a streamlined, efficient process for real estate visualization.

Mobile App Scanner

Discover the seamless input creation process using our mobile application, powered by Lidar technology and Point Cloud AI. Scan your property in under 15 minutes for a hassle-free experience.

Floorplan Production

With our extensive experience in floorplan production across various input methods, you can trust us to deliver high-quality floorplans with limitless customization options.

Self-Editing Tool

Understanding our clients’ pain points, we’ve integrated self-editing capabilities into our product solution. This empowers you to make necessary adjustments as needed and deliver directly to your end clients.

CloudScanner Complete Floor Plan Solution FAQs

Check some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you haven’t found your answers, contact us anytime!

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