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Floor plan – an essential display of property structures
advanced 3Ds max floor plan

Floor plan – an essential display of property structures

For real estate photography teams looking for visually appealing floor plan presentation, Esoft offers high-quality solutions available in various 2D, 3D and interactive options. We support multiple input formats with a 12-hour turnaround time and great flexibility to best suit your style.

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One floor plan structure, multiple presentation styles

With Esoft, you have many choices to show a space. It could be either a simple 2D diagram that features the space on a flat angle, a 3D version that shows depth and perspectives or an interactive floor plan that immerses viewers in the lifelike photographic elements. Esoft’s floor plans are tailor-made with a wide spectrum of detail and complexity to clearly and attractively convey the relationship between rooms and spaces.



Professional floor plan creator

Your style decision, our vibe creation

Often, real estate media production teams are asked by realtors to provide floor plans alongside other materials like videos or photos to market a property. Not as straightforward as it sounds, the floor plan creation requires some specific technical knowledge as well as computer illustration skills, depending on the complexity requirements. To help photography teams enrich their value proposition and say yes to such request of real estate agents, Esoft provides multiple floor plan options with customized pricing, great diversity of styles (colors, texts, etc.) and flexible delivery.

Multiple input types, one solid outcome

With rich experience working with clients around the world, Esoft’s Floor Plan team helps create  stunning floor plans from a wide range of input formats. We happily transform your ideas from sketches, blueprints, drawings or input from other platforms or software like Matterport, Magic Plan, Auto Sketch or Google Street View, to name a few.

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