Top 4 reasons Esoft Photo Editing is best for your business

4 reasons to use Esoft Photo Editing services

If you run a real estate photography business and are reading this blog, you are probably considering Esoft Photo Editing services. If so, let us persuade you why Esoft is your trusted editing partner for 4 reasons. 

#1. Esoft photo editing services are partnership-driven

1.1. We don’t serve real estate agents and cut you out

Many other brands provide editing services to estate agents directly and cut out RE photography companies in the middle. Unlike them, Esoft photo editing services are for RE photography businesses only. We know that’s how we respect our clients and build a foundation of trust for our partnerships.

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1.2. We share business knowledge from Esoft Nordic openly

Esoft Nordic (our mother company) is the most established real estate photography – media marketing in the Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). With 22 years of development and maintaining a strong leading positioning, Esoft Nordic has the success to enable us to share with our clients the best practices, knowledge, and experience to inspire their business growth. That means, we are not just an editing company, we understand the business model of a photography company to best work with you.

1.3 Dedicated account management

On your account, Esoft assigns dedicated staff both on the frontline and at the back. You’ll be working directly with a key account manager (KAM), one product expert (PE) for each service category (for the photo, 3d, video, or floor plan), and one dedicated customer service representative (CSR). Meanwhile, at the back, there are dedicated technical development specialists, quality assurance specialists, and dedicated editing teams. That model makes Esoft real estate photo editing services different from other providers in the industry.

That allows us to communicate closely and focused about and with the clients, timely and promptly addressing feedback, building solutions tailored to our client’s needs, and maintaining strong partnerships.

#2. Dynamic and tech-driven workflow operation Applied in Esoft Photo Editing services

2.1. Systemised workflow with online ordering portals

Your Coconut site will be white labeled, with a custom set-up to match your business needs (type of products, functions,…). On it, you can quickly upload, download files, put order instructions with visual annotation tools, and leave feedback and correction requests,… all in one. That ultimately helps avoid: messy email/text communication with editors, risks of losing files, uploading failures, and data storage maxed out. This portal is constantly developed and function-added by our techies to help clients optimize services workflow and experience. 

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2.2 API integration

If your business has a system, you and your tech team know the power of API integration. At Esot, we process around 50K images a day via API with client’s systems. Long story short, API-integrating our systems is tremendously beneficial. That allows both of our businesses to automate tasks, reduce order processing time, minimizing errors from human work, which eventually is the money saved for your business. 

We won’t delve into details of all benefits, processes, and specific requirements here. But contact us via for any questions you have on API, a REP from our team will reach out shortly.

#3.One-stop shop for custom photo editing services at Esoft

In terms of photo editing, we have comprehensive services you can choose from: photo enhancement, HDR photo editing, retouching (object removal and addition), decluttering, virtual dusk (day-to-dusk conversion), panorama photo editing, white-boxing, staging, and renovation. Each has a different level from basic to advanced to best tailor to your business.

Esoft – The one-stop-shop photo editing services

On top of that, you can also work with Esoft for other key services like Floor plans, Architectural visualization, Video editing, and Virtual tours, all on Coconut. That way, we help our clients streamline their post-production and avoid the headache of managing multiple vendors at once.

Each editing team at Esoft is specifically trained to work on different editing styles and shooting input. We dedicate one Photo Expert to your account. This expert will liaise with your team, and our technical development and editing teams to define the shooting and editing requirements be it for a single ambiance, single flash, HDR, or Flash Ambience. That’s how we look after the unique business needs of our clients so they can diversify their services with multiple shooting techniques and editing styles. 

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#4. Scalability centered on statistical quality control

4.1. Mass volume production served real estate photo editing

For you to scale up your business, your editing vendor must be able to handle a larger volume in a quick ramp-up. That’s what we take pride in. Many of our clients came to us when their editing partner hadn’t well handled the volume surge, accompanied by a quality drop. With a special ramp-up model in place to activate additional tech and human capacity, we accommodate your growth with ease. Interested in how the model works? Read our Growth Case Study.

Production Planning makes Esoft Photo Editing reliable
Production Planning helps ensure scalable volume for Esoft photo editing services

Featured Case StudyTGM’s Ramp-up plan to x3 volume in 7 months

4.2. Data-driven photo editing quality control

To maintain consistent edit quality, we employ a double-loop quality control (QC) process. That starts with internal rejections handled by separate specialists, recording editing data with a set of parameters. After that, the process record data from feedback, correction ratio, and external rejection from clients.

Quality Control makes Esoft Photo Editing services reliable
Data-driven quality control makes Esoft Photo Editing Services different from others

Those data will be used to monitor editing performance, and give feedback to the editing team or specific editors in charge. Also, it helps us employ necessary technical training to avoid potential repeated issues. 

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4.3. Technical shooting and training support for Esoft clients

We track issues, and common mistake patterns in photographers’ output to help the client improve their shooting output quality.  

Growing your business requires onboarding more photographers. Their inevitably different shooting approach results in inconsistent shooting output, which also is the editing input. In our experience, such shooting-related issues make quality suffer and the editing process a lot harder, especially when it comes to high-volume or mass-production work.

That’s why we monitor those shooting issues to help our clients scale their production sustainably. Mistake patterns made by your photographers will be shown in the “Input Feedback” dashboard on Coconut or API integration.

Input Feedback Dashboard for Esoft photo editing services
Input Feedback

With that, you can give feedback, and organize necessary training for photographers to strengthen their shooting techniques. Often, our Product Expert also hops on calls to provide necessary training support and technique-related advice for your photographers to help streamline your production workflow. As a result, your team performance improves, shooting output becomes more consistent and your business optimizes post-production time and costs.