4 reasons Esoft Floor Plans are best for your business

4 reasons to use Esoft Floor Plan Redrawing Services

Being able to offer various floor plan products, ability to work with different input formats and stable product quality. If these are the qualities you look for in an editing partner, you definitely must read this blog. Here are the 5 reasons why you would want to use Esoft Floor Plan photography services for your business. 

#1. One-stop-shop for real estate photography floor plan

Esoft Floor Plan provides high-quality solutions in 2D, 3D, and interactive formats for real estate photography teams searching for aesthetically engaging floor plan presentations. We offer floor plan redrawing services for all products that you have in your service package. Partner with Esoft to create more incentives for your clients and increase your revenue by expanding your service portfolio.  

From a black and white 2D floor plan to an interactive floor plan, no matter what input types you have, either manual or software-generated, we guarantee delivery in 12 hours or less, helping you stay competitive with other businesses in the field.

With an extensive range of real estate floor plan services, we can help save your time and cost and avoid any challenges from having too many vendors. Take a look at some of Esoft floor plan samples here:

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Esoft Floor Plan Redrawing Services: sample of site plan real estate
Esoft Floor Plan services include 2D, 3D and Interactive Floor Plan

#2. Virtual library with thousand of furniture templates with Esoft Floor Plan

A great add-on to the simple 2D floor plan that can make your service package more powerful is the 3D floor plan. A 3D version that shows depth and perspectives or an interactive floor plan immerses viewers in lifelike photographic elements.

Our digital library of 800+ templates, refreshed every 3 months, has satisfied hundreds of clients all over the world with different tastes and different requirements of real estate photography floor plan. Whether what you want is traditional, modern or Scandinavian interior styles (or any other styles) for your 3D floor plans, we have it all. Save time and effort for your business while offering your clients the satisfaction of choosing from an abundant library of furniture.

3D Floor plans created by Esoft are customized with a wide range of depth and complexity to clearly and beautifully show the relationship between rooms and spaces. Either choose the furniture for your floor plan directly from our virtual library or if you have already had a mood board and a design concept, have it customized based on your preferences.

Here’s a glance at Esoft floor plan’s virtual library. 

Virtual library used for real estate photography floor plan
Esoft’s virtual library for 3D and interactive floor plans

#3. Supporting different input formats 

Esoft Floor Plan team has extensive experience working with clients all over the world to design attractive real estate floor plans from a variety of input sources. We are able to turn your ideas from sketches, blueprints, drawings, or input from other platforms such as Cubicasa, Magic Plan, Auto Sketch, Google Street View, etc.

Our partnership with leading tool providers like Adobe Illustrator, Floorplanner, AutoCAD,  and Microsoft Visio like will help you create the best site plan real estate. Give us the inputs, specify your needs and wants and we will deliver a perfect floor plan that could definitely satisfy your clients. 

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#4. Consistent Quality guarantee with Esoft Floor Plan Service

At Esoft, we assure every step is thoroughly walkthrough by our product experts and quality checker. Esoft Floor Plan team will follow up with you by making sketches, and providing inputs to producing outputs to make sure you are always well-informed of the progress and are able to give feedback when needed. 

Requests to change floor plan aspects like colors or fonts or any feedback on the quality of outputs can be made easily on our Coconut platform. This feedback from you will then be delivered to Esoft floor plan quality controllers immediately by our key account manager. Quality controllers will then work directly with our editing team to fix the real estate photography floor plan and make sure to send them back to you in no time.

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Esoft Floor Plan services - How we consistently deliver on quality
Esoft Floor Plan services – How we consistently deliver on quality

#5. Key Account Management support for Floor plan Photography clients

For every client, there’s a team who works directly with them to provide custom solutions of real estate photography floor plan for every problem faced. This team includes one key account manager (KAM), one product expert (PE) for floor plan, and one dedicated customer service representative (CSR). Our dedicated staff work 24/6 to help oversee any production-related issues through daily communication with the client.

Our team will get on a call with you periodically to discuss quality matters, update you on any innovations and see if there’s any problem with the workflow to resolve it as soon as possible. We’re not like any other editing teams you have ever worked with, our goal is to scale with your business through constructive partnership. 

Esoft provides high-quality 2D, 3D, and interactive floor plan solutions for real estate photography teams looking for visually appealing floor plan presentations. If you have any questions about our real estate photography floor plan redrawing services, contact us via sales.vn@esoft.com, and a REP from our team will reach out shortly.