Real estate reels? Top 4 reasons photo companies should offer agents

4 massive reasons property media companies should offer real estate reels

The dominance of short-form vertical videos on Tiktok and Instagram has made real estate reels become a content type agents started to use more regularly. Running a real estate photography company, have you noticed the rising demand for this media service and so upgrading your offering packages to capture that? Not sure if that’s a profitable move? Doubt no more, this blog will tell you the exact 4 reasons why you should take this opportunity seriously. Now, let’s scroll.

Reason #1. There’s a soaring demand for real estate reels

With 94% of mobile users holding their smartphones vertically, it’s natural for people to watch videos in the portrait mode. That increased the demand for mobile-friendly content across social media rapidly. Vertical videos were first introduced to the world in 2016 on Tiktok, but real estate agents didn’t seem to be bothered at the time.

real estate reels or vertical videos
Real estate agents have started demanding vertical videos or Instagram reels

However, in August 2020, when Instagram introduced Reels, the game changed completely. Many real estate agents started using reels to massively expose their business. The success of agents such as Petertorkan has made realtors take Reels more seriously. For many, it’s a way to adapt the rising social media trend to market to a larger online audience base. More interestingly, 80% of agents said they would use it to build and grow their online presence, found in the same report.

With that being said, real estate agents are using reels or vertical videos more frequently for marketing and branding purposes, and those that have not done so started seeing the burning need. Where’s the need, there’s the business offer. That’s how real estate photography companies can benefit from including reels in their offering packages. That works even better with larger estate agencies that have limited capacity to produce reels on their own.

Reason #2. It’s a convenient way to make more profits

We know profit equals revenue less costs. Let’s do some quick math here. Assuming you are paying certain dollars for photographers and videographers to shoot the property, the only one way you can profit more from that is to generate higher revenue. How? Increase the price or increase to total transaction value with more products. If raising the price is possible, sweet. If not, go the second way. Selling more products from the same input, on top of what’s already served in your packages, is a sustainable way to utilize and optimize your costs.

Timelapse Reels – made with one image only
Walkthrough Reels – made with video clips

From photos and videos, you can create a nice add-on real estate reels for agents just paying a small fraction of costs for editors to assemble a vertical video. That vertical video can be a slideshow of still images, or video clips, or a combination of both. You can treat this as an optional add-on to your package where agents have a choice when they need. But you can make it a default add-on too, so agents can always have access to this content type whenever they order from you.

Reason #3. Real estate reels help your clients market better

Given that rising demand, providing real estate reels videos is a smart way to add values to your clients. First, reels allow agents to reach a wider body of social media users, especially younger audience groups including Millenials and Gen Z. As heavy users of social media and certainly reels, those buyer groups are also increasing their buying power in the housing market. 

Second, reels are the quality and trendy content that help build business online presence. Not only shown on business or personal Feed, but Instagram reels are also displayed on the “Explore tab” and “Reels stream”, where non-followers can see the content. By leaning into trending features, you get an incredible reach, hardly obtainable on other platforms without paying. 

That approach brings agents a higher chance to maximize their brand exposure or brand awareness to non-following audiences. In other words, it allows finding more potential customers, and hence generating leads on socials or driving traffic to the listing sites. In fact, a recent study by The Close found that 44% of agents reported gaining new clients in 2020 via social media while nearly 68% of them got more clients in 2021 than 2020. These figures indicate that social media can play to agents’ strength and soon it will become the next normal. 

Those marketing effects and benefits of posting reels apply the same way to your business brand. If you are looking for ideas to start posting reels, check out our best 8 tips here. 

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Reason #4. Vertical videos make your business more competitive and differentiated

Apart from helping your realtors to maximize their brand impressions, offering real estate reels means service diversification. That, you can use to pitch more potential clients who are looking for similar social media content and creative property presentations.

As predicted by Hootsuite, outsourcing content production to external creators or media services is what most agents or businesses will be doing due to a lack of in-house resources. Despite that, not many professional real estate photography companies have tapped into this business venture of offering “reels” services to agents. So in such a potential but yet-to-be-saturated market, it’s best to strike while the iron is still hot. You can sense it, companies like yours might be offering media packages but not many are tailoring their services for social media uses.

Thus, introducing agents with a content solution made for social media will definitely bring you the first-mover advantage in this competitive market. By taking the advantage of this new social media marketing trend and offering resonating services, you are setting yourself ahead of and apart from other rivals. That competitive edge is indeed crucial for your business development. 

Summary: Should your offer real estate reels?

Now if you are wondering whether or not you should start offering real estate reels as a social media content for realtors, think about the possibilities you can help them to be successful in generating leads, building a brand community online as well as increasing brand awareness. At last, when the field hasn’t had many footprints of other businesses, there’s new way to gain yours some first mover advantages, position your brand as innovative and flexible while getting more bang for your bucks. That way, you are set to take your photography business to the next level.