Top important real estate social media marketing trends in 2022

Top 6 real estate social media trends in 2022

Written by Quyen Ly

The latest real estate social media marketing trends are now reshaping how real estate professionals do their homework. Social media, no doubt, is commonplace for brands and businesses to connect with their online community. Because of this, real estate marketing products and services are no longer following their status quo. Being more flexible and adaptive to social media trends helps your brands stay ahead of the competition.

Here is the list of top social media trends real estate photography companies can follow for better engagement and improved online visibility. 

#1 Vertical videos are becoming the hottest social media marketing trend in real estate

Over 80% of all social media video viewers (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and others) access these platforms via their phones. Thus, vertical videos have already become a massive social media marketing trend, not excluding the real estate industry. 

vertical videos - one of top real estate social media marketing trends
Vertical videos are becoming a popular real estate social media advertising tactic

Media consumption habits have changed as a result of the ‘smartphone’ culture that people hold their phones vertically 90% of the time. Smartphones have a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio, allowing users to watch videos and photographs in full-screen mode without having to rotate their hold.

The importance of developing vertical video content cannot be overstated. Real estate photography companies must think about vertical videos to adapt to customer demand when offering products and services. Applying this trend will increase your company’s reputation as well as a brand image among your clients. 

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#2. Short video continues to bloom

Video is the most engaging content type right now, and it’s here to stay for a long time. In reality, as real estate agents are creating and demanding more marketing materials, it appears that video content holds more importance to them. Short movies can capture people’s attention and keep them hooked to the screen.

Short walkthrough video – Vertical format
Short slideshow – Vertical format

Following the success of Tik Tok, Instagram has added a similar tool called “Reels” on its platforms to allow users to shoot and share short videos, vertically. Reels generate 22% higher engagement than ordinary videos, meaning offering short videos will be a good strategy to get more attention from realtors. 

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#3. Online communities still remains one the best social media marketing for real estate

Another powerful real estate social media marketing idea is adding customers to social groups so your organization can interact with them more closely. These forums are incredibly useful for getting client comments and suggestions, conducting debates, resolving concerns, and disseminating customized materials that customers would appreciate.

Also, before launching new products or services, you can collect more customers’ feedback by publishing forms, polls to your social groups. The more insights you obtain, the more successful new goods you will develop.

Many brands assume that building social groups is enough to stay in the long game. But that’s a risky thought. To establish a loyal and engaged online community, you must be more strategic with material targeted to their requirements. If you can grow your own social media community of realtor clients and combine other social media marketing trends, you will stand out amongst your competitors.

#4 Omnichannel engagement matters

Consumers, including home buyers and estate agents, now prefer to connect with brands through many different channels for convenience. Companies are, as a result, going more and more into omnichannel marketing. Shortly, omnichannel marketing is the way to keep customers and prospects at the center of communication, across many channels.

That implies your photography companies should start covering more channels, from website, email, social networks, chat applications, etc. To be successful in brands marketing, it is better to integrate social media and other sites into your business. 

Also, you must seamlessly interact with customers across multiple channels and devices, delivering quality engagement to your business in a variety of ways. In doing so, a consistent content strategy is crucial. Good content – ​​from videos to images or even the buttons and links – is the way you can advertise to your clients.

#5 Ephemeral content will change how people engage online

Ephemeral content? What the hell is that? It’s short-lived content (typically lasting for 24h or a few days). 

Instagram stories are one of the most engaging real estate social media marketing ideas
Instagram stories are one of the most engaging real estate social media marketing ideas

If you want to boost your social media presence, you should create ephemeral content. Brands are experimenting a lot with Facebook and Instagram’s “story” feature to create trust with their customers. According to Hootsuite, 500 million people use Facebook Stories daily. Now you know why ephemeral content is beneficial for your social media campaign. 

If running real estate photography companies, you can utilize this content type by being personal and casual. Use photographs, videos with textual information to teach everyone about your business life and brand. Creating more polls, quizzes, “behind the scenes” moments, workplace tours, and a range of other content are proven to be effective engagement tactics. That helps you build a strong bond between your company and your customers.

#6 Real estate social media trend: it’s never late to invest in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing remains to be a social media trend for real estate businesses including photography companies. And it will continue for the next few years. However, the way that you and influencers collaborate will change. The influencers will help your company to put equal efforts into content creation, focusing on long-form content, how-to videos, demos, and photo stories. 

One of the most attractive social media marketing ideas for real estate is investing in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, in particular, is a terrific approach for you to diversify your prospect pool by reaching out to new people and attracting new leads. 

For your photography companies, this tactic can manifest in a collaboration with reputable real estate agents or realtors. Why? Famous realtors are often followed by many other realtors, which can be your prime target market. Working with popular photographers or quality experts in your marketing campaign will have a tremendous impact on your clients. 


Several real estate social media marketing trends can significantly impact real estate businesses, including photography companies. If you haven’t adapted to these new trends this year, it’s time to do so to leverage your brand on socials and stay ahead of the competition.