4 big gains from real estate editing services's white label

4 benefits of white labeled online ordering system

Written by Katherine Tran

Medium-to-large size real estate editing services usually have an online ordering system for uploading and receiving photos. This type of system requires tons of effort to develop and maintain. That’s why we highly encourage you to take advantage of these online ordering systems offered by real estate editing services, especially if there’s also a white-labeled version available. That way businesses will not need to go through the whole process of developing and marketing the system. Isn’t that amazing? Find out more benefits below. 

#1. Fewer risks

Internal confidential risk is something many real estate photography companies have to deal with. There are various photographers who leave their companies to be freelancers or start their own businesses. By using a white-labeled online ordering system, the risks of your photographers leaving the company to partner up with the real estate editing outsourcing would be eliminated since the supplier’s name is not revealed. 

By opting for white labeling services, businesses can transfer the technical risk associated with the entire process of developing products to real estate editing services. Since real estate editing services like Esoft specialize in product development, they tend to manage and mitigate those risks better. 

Real estate editing services have white labeled system to ensure clients brand identity
There are fewer business risks to deal with when using a white-labeled ordering system

Second, external confidentiality risks. Imagine sending out photos to agents in a professional system with your company’s logo on it. This can ensure your customers remain yours and do not seek the product from a different supplier. Every time a client uses your white-labeled product and sees your name attached, they will associate it with convenience, quality, and their loyalty to your brand will increase. Adding a white label product to your portfolio can give you a competitive advantage over businesses that do not offer the product.

#2. Brand identity empowerment

Your team wants to have your own branded ordering system but the time, cost, and effort required to develop the system, not to mention the errors in the process of testing makes it too troublesome. Now imagine if the real estate photo editing service offers a white-label ordering portal as a way to help you eliminate all those above-mentioned risks at a lower cost.

real estate editing services
White-labeled ordering system helps empower your brand identity 

At Esoft, as one of the professional real estate editing services, we have our own in-house portal called Coconut that is well-loved and used by a lot of our clients for its intuitive interface. Our clients like it so much that we started offering them an option to have all the functionalities of Coconut but with their own logo and color for branding consistency.

They can customize their portal domain, brand logo, favicon, font, and color scheme to make Coconut their branded asset. That way, their business would be positioned as a reliable and attractive company to work with, both in the mind of realtors and single photographers. Read our featured blog below for more information about Coconut as a workflow.

Featured blog: 3 outsource photo editing workflow

#3. Frequent updates and maintenance

We all know innovation is a must for any business to thrive. There’s no doubt that real estate editing outsourcing services will continue to develop their ordering system by an experienced software development team who devotes their time and energy. Therefore, not only is a white label solution guaranteed to provide a ready-made platform for your business but it is sure to be on the latest update. This ensures your branded system remains current with today’s technology. The end-to-end solution provided by the white-labeled online ordering system is the most prominent as it will provide everything from the sale, to reports and deliveries. 

New features are frequently updated

At Esoft, we make sure our Coconut ordering system is constantly updated with various new useful features to ensure the best client and system user experience. That comes from our ability to get feedback and insights from a lot of different clients.  For example, the “user assignment” feature allows your admin to create a draft order, and then assign relevant photographers to upload input without giving instructions. That helps real estate photography companies to centralize the order creation and management process for better accuracy.

“Bad input report” is another cool feature that gives insight into patterned shooting mistakes made by your photographers. Thus, you can evaluate their performance, and provide necessary training to enhance your input quality aligned with our service level agreements. Check out more information about the Coconut system.

#4. Time and cost savings

Product development is an expensive affair and time-consuming. To develop a complete online ordering system, you need to set up a separate team to build and customize the features which will take a financial toll on the company. White Label software allows photography companies to bypass such major cost heads. 

This arrangement facilitates you to focus more on their core competency than on subsidiary functions. Therefore, a white-labeled ordering system will save time and costs for developers and designers. Plus, there is zero to small maintenance fee for the system. 


There’s no denying the benefits of a white-labeled online ordering system. Not only does it help real estate photo editing outsourcing to empower their brand identity, but the turnover rate is also reduced due to the high confidentiality. Cost-saving, continuous development, and fewer risks to deal with are other significant benefits that a white-labeled ordering system brings.