Q2-22 Innovation Update - Esoft International
What’s new at Esoft in Q2 2022?  
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What’s new at Esoft in Q2 2022?


Contact us via sales.vn@esoft.com  if you are interested in any of the updates below.

Launching 2022 Music Library

Our 2022 Music Library has finally come! More than 60 audio tracks across 3 styles – Creative, Uplifting, and Peaceful added. Now, there’s more dynamic music to make your video even more memorable. 

Property Highlights – an appealing way of property presentation

We’ve recently piloted “Property Highlight” with many clients and received great feedback. We recommend it as an add-on to your drone photography and videography package, be it for buildings, commercial venues or residential houses.

Updating ‘Natural Photo Editing Style’ with more shooting input

Natural editing style is getting increasingly popular in real estate photography worldwide. Unlike perfectly clean edits, this style brings back some of the original light and color cast, which makes your photos look natural, yet still beautiful. We’ve built these custom edits for many clients, on both Flambient and HDR shooting input as that’s a great way to present the properties appealingly.

Releasing API 3.0

API 3.0, a significant improvement from our 2.0 version, is officially out. It reduces time and workload required for integration by more than 50%. That relieves tech resources and investment burden for clients looking to API-integrate with Esoft. Plus, this version further improves our service availability and stability thanks to order creation caching and auto retrying to restore the process even when the core system has incidents. For clients working with Esoft on this API, order creation process with be streamlined with only 2 steps instead of 4.

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Introducing new Coconut features

Explore more productivity tools on Coconut and contact us via info.vn@esoft.com for further details.

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