Q1-22 Innovation Update - Esoft International
What’s new at Esoft in Q1 2022?

What’s new at Esoft in Q1 2022?

Our new Virtual Time-Lapse 2.0

We have upgraded our Virtual Time-Lapse solution by adding moving shadows and skies bringing a better cinematic experience. From an edited day photo and its virtual dusk version, you can now offer an even more eye-catching presentation. The solutions works great on social media as well.

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Premium Staging Library – more assets added

Esoft's Digital Furniture Library

Answering most clients’ calls for more ‘Luxury’ and ‘Contemporary’ designs, we’ve added over 50 items and staging templates into our Premium Furniture Library during Q4 2021. This update will give you more single items, artwork and light options for Virtual Staging while for Virtual Renovation, it enables richer materials and paint colors. We are always looking for inspiration for our coming updates, and value your input!

Getting retouching just got simpler

We have simplified our retouching workflow in a way that makes your work easier. Common retouching – decluttering items are categorized in three groups with standardized pricing on our ordering portal. Now when placing orders, you can easily select the items you want instead of having to describe and wait for Esoft’s evaluation. This is to reduce in-between communication frictions, and thus fasten the turnaround. Additionally, you can start offering retouching – decluttering as an official service to your clients.

What is new with Coconut?

We continue to develop our ordering portal, Coconut and are bringing you the latest features. We recently introduced Coconut Plus – the subscription version with more advanced features including White Label, Super Admin, Bad Input Report and User Assignment. Coconut Plus enables you to streamline your workflow and scale your business even better.

Vertical Slideshows – Real estate reels made easy

To help you sell more social-media-fit products, we recently introduced 7 new styles (30 secs) of Slideshows (available in vertical and square format). With these new videos, we help you:

  • Get more content for your bucks (more products from the same photos)
  • Provide agents with an economical but engaging reels-type social media content
  • Diversify your offerings to give your clients more opportunities

Curious to see the samples? Drop your KAM a message.

Make the most of Matterport with our Matterpack

Interested in increasing revenue from your MatterPort business? Check out our MatterPack solution which includes:

  • Still photos
  • Floor plan
  • Virtual tour videos
  • Virtual staging & renovation all at once

More information on Virtual Staging will come later. But for now, check out some possibilities here.

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Tell us what you think!

If you want to find out more about any of these new solutions, drop us a message via sales.vn@esoft.com.

To build better solutions for you, what means the most is what you think and need. That’s why we are asking for your help! ?

Can you please spare us 4 minutes and tell us what you think of those new changes, because that really matters as we continue to innovate. Thank you in advance and we certainly look forward to hearing from your ideas! ?