9 Powerful Instagram Reels Ideas for Real Estate Marketing

9 Instagram Reels Ideas for Real estate professionals

Digging the web for some new Instagram reels ideas for real estate photography business? You have reached a goldmine, even you are not running a photo! Creators know it, birthing original social media content can be hard sometimes, especially when you hit the creative block. But real estate reels do not always need to be property showings. They can be anything related to your business. So here are the massive 8 tips to make your “labor” easier 🙂 

Why posting Instagram Reels

Since the revolution of vertical videos, “Real estate Instagram reels” or “Real estate Reels” have been terms realtors started using and searching? And this has been one of the most demanded real estate marketing content types.

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Are you already offering  Instagram reels for real estate agents but have not posted your original content? Yes? You could be missing out on massive opportunities to promote your photography business. As more and more agents flock into this social network or become aware of its impacts on younger buyer groups, this type of video content is a real growth hack to engage with your audiences and reach a wider community of real estate professionals.

instagram reels ideas for real estate hero
Instagram reels gaining popularity in real estate professionals community

Full of suggested content, the recently introduced Instagram Reels tab is a powerful way many real estate media companies are using to boost their organic impressions. No matter how long you have been in the game, you can still cast a wider net. Obviously, you need to have clear objectives and some appealing visual content ideas working toward your direction. Your goals might be to reach more audiences (increasing impressions), to engage your social community (increasing engagements), or to show services to more realtors (generating leads). Your ideas might be anything we feature in this blog, let’s get to it 🙂

Instagram reels idea #1: Share the real life of your business

If you want to create a strong community on social media, it is tremendously important to make your followers feel like they are part of it. If a loving community matches the brand direction you are working toward, share some real-life content from any angle! It can be an “Instagram vs. Reality” video or timelapse footage showing the effort putting together a photographer training or a property photoshoot! 

Walkthrough video recording
Showing your business life is an authentic idea to create engagement

It does not always need to be fancy visuals, it could be authentic struggles your team faced when shooting a particular property. For example, sudden heavy rain hit, and you had to delay the shoot. In case you have not usually shared these types of posts on Instagram, this could be a new way to start!

Instagram Reels Idea #2: Put together a slideshow from static images

We get it, babe! You have a lot of cool and nice images, why don’t you put them together as a Reel? Chose the pictures that best tell the property stories, select some trending music tracks and pick the transitions that “SLAYY” your way. Follow some tutorial guys for examples of the pace, the transition, and the motion effect compatible with your favorite music. Here’s an example of what you can do. Follow our Instagram for more inspiration of tutorials.

Instagram reels idea #3: Take realtors to your backstage or Answer their questions onstage

It is no biggie to reveal what makes a good deal! Since you are out shooting or preparing for the shoot, creating behind-the-scenes Reels can be easy and effective! Real estate agents might be curious to know how your team can present the property so well, or what it is like for them to be working with you. So, the next time you are on the way to meet up with realtors, at a photo shoot, or on a home walkthrough, take your phone out and start sharing! Check out this video from One Shot Productions, a photography company based in LA, for inspiration of a BTS shot.

Another way to address curiosity is making Q&A sessions. Go through all recent and frequent questions you receive from your clients, answer them and record a video clip. It can be anything from pricing to service offerings, location of services, etc. Reels are ready even before you think it is. 

Instagram reels idea #4: Share your brand stories

A production team surely has many visual stories to tell, so use them to your advantage. When you are stuck in limbo, create a reel to (re)introduce your photography brand or an aspect of your business! A nice thing about Reels is that they go straight onto the Explore page where new followers might find you and fall in love with your brand story. And the more people watch it, the longer your post will linger, the broader exposure for your business.

There are several ways we can do this. One way is through editing together previous images, video clips and adding text; another way is by talking directly into the camera. Something like how you have grown from a team of 1 or 2 photographers to who you are would be so well-loved

Instagram reels idea #5: Show the “before and after” transformation

A fascinating way to satisfy your follower is to show a real-life or digital transformation of an object such as a house or a kitchen. If you often work on a real home renovation project, sweet. But if not, digital makeovers work like a charm. You can show how your team digitally declutters and virtually stage for real estate photos to help real estate agents market easier. Virtual Staging and house transformation? Hellayeah!

Another way is to record how your team transforms raw video footage and image into a polished pack of visual content for real estate agents. You can make a timelapse of this “Before and After” makeover even more fun with lots of effects and music found on Instagram. 

Instagram reels idea #6: Show Tips, tricks, or listicles

Real estate Instagram Reels ideas are abundant even when you are in a creative rut. Regardless of the industry, people will always have a new idea or tip to try! As in real estate, realtors have a lot, and that’s what you can tap into to get your creative juice oozing.

Maybe, you can start a series of reels with a comprehensive checklist of what agents need to prepare before the shoot. You can also ask your audiences what they would like to see more next via a poll, a story. That way, you can build a pile of what to #Reel. Here are some ideas for you:

  • phone shooting tips for realtors
  • photo editing hacks for realtors
  • home decluttering tips before the shoot
  • free mobile photo editing tools

Instagram Reels idea #7: Hop on a trend

Picking up on a trend is one way to get your reels seen by more eyes! In sync with Tiktok, Ig reels trends come and go (we call it a fad), so it is good to watch out. Scroll through the Explore Page and see what other businesses are doing, chances are you will know what might or might not work for your business. Check out this “Talking to the moon – Somewhere far away” Reels from OTBx Air, you’ll know why it’s so catchy.

Or, you can make your own trend too. Make a speed talk, a house dance, or hashtag, and ask your followers to come along. It might take some DMs at first, though. As Ig Reels is all about trying new things, don’t be afraid of new ideas even they might conflict with your feed’s aesthetic. You can choose not to display a new reel on your Home tab but on the Reel tab only whenever you post.

Instagram Reels Idea #8: Spotlight your Community and Employee

User-generated content (UGC) is an awesome tactic to keep your audiences engaged and fuel your content calendar! If you want to #reelit but are not sure what to post, try making a video showing your community to the world. Try collecting some tagged images or actual clips your fanbase has mentioned you in and make a video out of them. Another way to do this is to make a compilation of client testimonials. But before sharing anything, do ask for permission always.

It works the same for employees. Pick a topic such as “real estate video” and spotlight a videographer or the whole videography team. You can also highlight “a day in a videographer’s life”. Ask your team members what’s so damn good about working with your brand and put together a 15 to 30-second video. Employee testimonials? Yayy. The results might surprise you as people love hearing from other “real” people behind a business. 

Instagram Reels Idea #9: Showing your media services 

Back to the “old but gold” tactic, show them some content about your services

Have your list of services ready and think about which one you want to push for more sales. Once you’ve got it, it’s time to collect some clips. Is it a virtual tour, which can be recorded as a video? Or is it a walkthrough video, which can be shown easily in a reel format? Really, the possibilities are endless. Since you own the media, use it to your strength. The next step is to use texts or any other effects to highlight how you make a difference. 12h turnaround? Various services? Free headshots? Anything about you and you only. Another choice is to outsource to real estate video editing services for a quicker turnaround time.

Summary: Save these top Instagram reels ideas to make real estate marketing easier

There you have it, the ultimate 8 Instagram reels ideas to promote your real estate photography business. Try them and see what works for you once you’ve got a hang of things. But now, jot these down on your notebook or maybe share them with your realtors too 🙂

  1. Share the real-life of your business – Reality vs. Instagram
  2. Show Behind-the-scene content or make Q&A sessions
  3. Share a brand story
  4. Show a before and after transformation
  5. Give tips, tricks, or listicles
  6. Try or create a new trend
  7. Spotlight your community and your employee
  8. Promote your services