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Imagic – your premier AI photo editing solution
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Imagic – your premier AI photo editing solution

The most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) photo editing solution to help you optimize your post-production. Nurture your creativity and grow your business in terms of volume and quality while Imagic takes care of the rest.

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Give wings to your production team

Utilize either pure AI image editing or a hybrid solution that blends in the final human touch to reinforce your creative visions. As our AI and algorithm process your photos, they will gradually change and adapt to ensure an even more accurate enhancement over time. Esoft Imagic photo editing can be delivered through an application programming interface (API) to optimize your in-house production.

Imagic – AI photo editing solution by Esoft


Automate all of the basic edits with Imagic’s precision and consistency so your editors can focus on putting in your signature finishing touches.


Speed up the editing process and help your team handle a greater workload and produce more images in a shorter time.


Celebrate your creative visions through fully customizable AI photo editing solutions.


With over 14 years of expertise and 40,000 images processed daily, our AI image editing solution enables you to work on both single and multiple exposures.

Imagine the magic

See the difference our AI photo editing solution makes. From your raw input to our polished output, the magic comes true.

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Beyond image enhancement, our extensive list of services also includes real estate video editing, floor plan, 3D visualization, and more. Backed by the latest AI and machine learning technologies, post-processing setups have never been so easy!

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