Different floor plan types real estate photo companies can offer

Different floor plan types real estate photo companies can offer

A floor plan is essential to take homebuyers one step closer to realizing their dream home. That transforms a basic sketch or idea into an actual design that includes specifications, dimensions, and precision. There is a wide range of real estate floor plans. In this blog, we’ll walk you through all the floor plan types available at Esoft with their specific features and benefits. Read on!

As per National Association of Realtors, floor plans are among the top 3 most significant features when homebuyers search for homes on the internet. There are two major categories of real estate floor plan types, 2D and 3D. Each has several variants with distinct characteristics and benefits. 

Floor Plan Types in 2D 

The 2D layout is the most basic real estate floor plan type that is displayed in two dimensions with the bare minimum of sketch, which is used for on-site buildings. It includes precise technical information about crucial components such as doors, windows, and walls. House plans can be created in a variety of views, but for the 2D, the most suited view angle is from the top. That clearly demonstrates the property’s internal layout of items and elements, as well as the position of walls, fixed installations, and other details. 

A real estate 2D floor plan works well as an initial draft of a project due to its simplicity, however, it doesn’t completely convey the look and feel of a space. 2D floor layout comes in two visual types: Black & White and Colored.

Black & White 2D: The most Basic Floor Plan Types

This most traditional kind of 2D drawing is in black & white colors with possible gray zones. It keeps the drawings at a delineated level that allows clients to read and get ideas easily. It’s easy to sketch, edit, and tweak. That’s why Black & White is the go-to floor plan type when creating the project’s first draft. Real estate 2D floor plan also goes well with textures like the patterns of wooden floors or bathrooms with black and gray colors, which is commonly known as the Black & White with texture style. Both fully demonstrate specifications about dimensions, furniture layouts, and schemes of real estate systems.

floor plan types
Black and White 2D floor plan

Colored & Textured 2D: More visualized Floor Plan Types

As the name suggests, this style is a more sophisticated and advanced 2D floor plan in explaining the dwellings’ details. 2D floor plan types with color and texture depict walls or furniture with a variety of colors and patterns to display shades of zones and materials. Blue bathrooms, gray garage, yellow lighting systems. Imagine how visually appealing marble or wood-textured floor would be! Those details incredibly bring architectural visions to life. 

floor plan types
Colored 2D Floor plan type
floor plan types
Textured 2D Floor plan type

2D Floor Plan with a site plan 

Both Black & White and Colored and Textured floor plan types can come with a site plan outside to make home sales an easier and more informed process. A site plan focuses on the relationship of everything (garden, shed, yard, road system, etc.) outside the properties. It is generally more expensive to produce than single-story plans. That means floor plan providers can enjoy higher revenue from estate agents through this service. 

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Real Estate Floor Plan Type in 3D

3d rendering plans present a better idea of communicating architectural blueprints in the construction industry. With a photo-realistic 3D floor plan type, it’s possible to visually imagine the project’s final outcome with high customizations. Spaces and all the structural designs are clearly depicted in an attractive 3D floor plan with aesthetic architectural balance. Hence, though pricey as it may seem, 3D rendering plans still gain preferences when it comes to property design or commercial projects. Let’s figure out the two common floor plan types in 3d floor plan services.

3D floor plan

3D Standard 

This floor plan type is created with Floorplanner and Adobe Illustrator. It shows the best realistic views of the space inside the rooms such as layout, object dispositions, interior elements, or columns with detailed information. Such three-dimensional real estate floor plan types obviously communicate architectural plans better than a 2D floor plan drawing

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3D Advanced

This is an advanced version of the 3D floor plan. It vividly showcases the property’s layout from different perspectives. It’s more special than the usual 3D floor plan in a way that all details (floor materials, fixtures, fittings, lighting, etc) are fully customizable. Imagine a house plan with a warm wood floor, blonde timber wall, with any furniture like chairs, tables, and beds based on your tastes, isn’t it a welcoming presentation? It’s adjusted at any time and further branded in any style to see whether all the details fit harmoniously with others. That’s the exclusive power of advanced 3D rendering plans.

Advanced 3D floor rendering plans

In fact, this is a type of architectural rendering service. Normally, real estate house plans are drawn with illustrator software. But for this style, textures and furniture are rendered by 3Dsmax software instead of being illustrated. That top-notch technology is a tool developed by Esoft to support visualizing 3D spaces for real estate properties. 

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A real estate floor plan is of great significance in property presentation. Based on different requirements and demands, it’s essential to have the most appropriate style to provide crucial information on architectural plans. If you were to offer floor plan services for real estate agents, you are now ready to know what you can do.

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