Coconut: Reliable order management portal for RE Photo businesses
Coconut – frictionless ordering and delivery management
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Coconut – frictionless ordering and delivery management

Create a seamless work process with Esoft’s Coconut – the system helping real estate photography teams increase productivity and stay atop of the editing outsourcing process. Save yourself a lifetime of order management, status checking, and delivery today.

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A solution for your team’s productivity and growth

What’s Coconut?

A wonderful tropical fruit! And, an online ordering and delivery portal developed by Esoft to help our clients replace the traditional manual work process. Say goodbye to Dropbox, Google Drive loading, and intricate instruction emails. Enjoy a simple, easy, and centralized hub of work.

What’s there for your team?

You can place orders, check status, leave instructions, request customer support and correction tickets all in one within Coconut. No time wasted in between, seamless communication, and straightforward inventory management.

Coconut White Label

A massive bonus is that you can opt to brand Coconut your way so it works in your best business interest. Customize portal domain, brand logo, favicon, font, color scheme to make Coconut your branded asset. That way, you can position your business as reliable and attractive to work with, both in the mind of realtors and single photographers.

Faster Turnaround

Esoft editors start processing right away once you upload files to Coconut. Thus,quicker delivery thanks to no gap between uploading and downloading back and forth.

Better Input Management

Direct files upload onto the system eliminates the risk of missing files while processing. Also, you don’t have to notify our service team via emails for new/additional order requests.

Easy Order Management

You can easily select available editing services and trace order details (photographer accounts, order time, delivery time), for your best recording keeping purposes.

Visual Correction Feedback

Coconut allows you to easily circle, highlight the exact details that need correcting on the working file. No description email needed!

Instant Support Request

No need to draft email, messages to our service team as you can always reach out via one-on-one live chat feature in the portal.

Input Analysis

Bad input report can be integrated into your portal so you can check and improve your team’s shooting techniques over time.

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