1001 Business values of social media marketing Services package for real estate agents

Give your real estate Photography Business a rocket by offering social media marketing services package

It would be a long-lasting game for real estate photography companies to stay ahead of their competitors. With the technological advancement supporting digital networks, the taste of real estate agents and buyers has never stopped changing. Keeping a rigid product line would skill your competitive advantage. The fact that customers love variety. It means adding new attractive products to your catalog would be a priority in scaling your photography business. 

  • The question is: what product should feed your offerings?  
  • The answer is social packages or social media suites.  

Since real estate photography companies target serving agents’ demands, let’s figure out their pain points first. Esoft had done a small survey of what agents actually concern about in 2023 when the market trends were influenced by uncertainties and the risk of business downturns. We found that real estate agents currently pay attention to doing their business on social media or social networks. 

Agents need social packages, including creative visuals and content that help them catch the spotlight in social networks. It is not only an idea, let me show the business values behind social media marketing services packages you could put in your catalog.  

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All-in-One social media marketing services packages for real estate marketing 

A new social media suite can be a good fit candidate, which can serve the agent’s demand while leveraging internal resources at the same time. First, let’s talk about what exactly social media marketing services packages or the set of social media photography you can provide. 

Social Packages: What are included? 

A social media marketing services package for real estate agents is essentially a suite of social media photography services wrapped up into one. As a result, real estate photography companies could pick existing products to form a new package that provides visual content to social media users. 

This package is directedly toward agents, helping them build a network, agent branding, and promote their business in social media space. The range of included products would step up the trend and social-friendly content. Based on those criteria, Esoft proposes a typical social media marketing package, including:  

Vertical reels With platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok dominating the online landscape, vertical videos have emerged as a preferred format for reaching potential home buyers and renters. Real estate agents demand vertical reels to showcase their listings and agents’ professional branding through short videos. 
Creative Teasers
Vertical dusk photo Social media photography follows the vertical shooting technique, which helps agents share mobile-friendly photos on social media. 
Vertical virtual timelapse video 
Vertical photo 

Otherwise, solely combining a set of products into one is never a completed package. With the Social media suite, Esoft offers sell-out materials, helping Professional real estate photography save the marketing effort. In other words, we prepare a full kit of marketing materials together with the production services.  

  • Social friendly-photo shooting guideline 
  • Vertical video shooting guideline 
  • Guideline on Virtual Dusk and Virtual timelapse in vertical format 

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The value chain behind the social media suite form Esoft 

The concept behind Esoft social media suite came from the pain of real estate photography companies. We are a production company, but our clients, photography companies, are feeding real estate agents’ needs. It inspired our product development team to find the right solution to help our clients capture more engagement from their end customers.  

The included value-added stuff alongside the social media marketing services package is made for companies to educate their end clients, telling why and how agents need social media suites.  

We target to deliver value to Real estate Agents through our clients. Esoft is investing in assisting real estate photography companies in raising the bar to approach end-customer demands. We create value then our clients will deliver those to the market.  

Esoft social media marketing packages of 2023: The Business value? 

Offering social media photography to real estate agents is nothing new, but coming up with extra value add-ons within social media marketing packages is. Instead of benefit for real estate agents, let’s find out how it is valuable for your photography business.  

 Effective tool for capturing market Demand 

Demand for social media marketing materials, including photos and videos, has significantly risen among real estate agents. According to recent surveys and studies, Agents use social media as a strategic channel to promote their business and reach potential clients.

According to nar.realtor, 80% of realtors are active on social media every day in shape or form, indicating its widespread use in the industry. However, a survey done by Indeed found that 65% of agents claimed that they were less confident in their social media presence due to a lack of materials and keeping up on trends, highlighting the need for social media-friendly content.

In fact, A limited number of real estate marketing companies offer content packages specialized for agents building their social accounts. The most popular one is sticky to one type of visual instead of integrating into social media marketing services package.

Otherwise, vertical video has emerged as a highly effective format, earning 1200% more shares and engagements than texts and images. Moreover, agents using real estate listing videos saw a 403% increase in quality inquiries, demonstrating the power of video marketing in the industry. That is the reason why Esoft Social Media Suite specializes in vertical video forms would be a great tool for capturing agents’ demand in the market.

The product portfolio development 

Obviously, developing a brand-new product takes time, and you still need to keep an eye on existing product life cycles. That’s why leveraging existing resources will be a key to opening the new horizontal. However, the root of business comes from customers. Professional real estate photography businesses need to balance internal capacity and market demand.  

Instead of trying to reinvent all new products, nailing down your available services is a starting point in creating a new package. By listing down a set of services covered up with the valuable direction, you could make up your product line with a new custom package.  

Let’s imagine agents using your real estate photography services separately. They might distract by how many objectives come into their mind. With social packages, agents could easily streamline stuff they need to run social media with a click. Moreover, agents will have a chance to try some photography services, things they do not realize they need. Otherwise, you can promote awareness of some included products inside the social media suite

One new product needs to serve unique demand and target customers. The social media marketing services package meets those requirements to stand alone besides other products without coercion. It is not created for the purpose of extending the product list only. Social packages toward practical values and save product development investment simultaneously.  

Educating Marketing Materials 

Social media for real estate agents are the trending game currently. The hunger for Agents’ branding is commissioning photography and videography to help them build a strong presence on various sites. Social media sites are not an exception. Agents might want to streamline the visual parts of content integrated for several social media platforms. They also need to tailor the content suite for each network algorithm to engage effectively.  

As a creative marketing solution, you might hold the expertise in the step of social usages of visual stuff. Together with data about the market, you can show agents what they need to do and what you can help them obtain for blasting social media efforts.  

With the social media suite, we are not providing you the services but also marketing materials to help you educate your audiences.  

Not only agents but even professional photographers might also need to be educated. Shooting social-friendly pics requires photographers to expose certain social media algorism. For example, for shooting property in vertical format, you better put the property right in the middle of the frame and leave enough space to crop the composition into 16:9.  

Collecting from experts’ expertise and experience, we provide a full pack of white-label shooting guidelines for socially friendly photos and videos, which are ready to use. 

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In conclusion, Esoft offers a full-packed social media suit developed to help real estate photography companies capture the current market demand. It is more like a value-driven package instead of a pure photography set. We prepare juice promotions for the first customer group to celebrate launching a new product. Contact sale.vn@esoft.com