How RE photography firms can bundle CGI architectural visualization services?

How real estate photography firms can bundle CGI architectural visualization services

Written by Minh Anh

No one can deny that CGI architectural visualization has transformed real estate marketing. Understandably so, it does miracles by staging empty homes with furniture, upgrading finishings, and even virtually renovating houses inside and out. We all know CGI real estate has tremendous benefits regarding the visual appeals, but have you noticed that it could also leverage the sales volume when bundled with other services? Continue reading to learn how real estate photography firms can combine CGI with 3D floor plans and CGA services.

What is bundling?

Bundling is the strategy when two or more products or services are combined as a new package to generate higher sales. The package can either comprise several related products/services or dissimilar ones with complementary functions to benefit customers. Customers often find bundles appealing as they offer a cost-effective way to purchase multiple services at one time. 

CGI architectural visualization
Bundling offers a cost-effective way to purchase multiple services at once

How bundling benefits real estate photography companies

Product bundling maximizes the efficiencies of the invoicing and ordering process. Normally, you have to manually upload the media files for post-processing work when outsourcing to a 3D rendering company. Consider how much time it would take to upload back and forth when the client orders multiple editing services at once! In that case, invoicing can be a headache as well. By bundling, everything is much easier when various services are combined into a single service package with a one-time ordering and invoicing process.

Another big plus of real estate service bundling is that it enables up-selling and cross-selling. For example, you can up-sell by providing added value to your clients by combining 3D Floor plan rendering services with interior architectural visualization images into one offering. To cross-sell, think of any related and complementary services that can benefit your clients interchangeably. That way, your company can sell more and increase revenue per order.

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What to put into your package with CGI architectural visualization

1. 3D floor plan

3D floor plan renderings communicate crucial information about the spaces, furniture, and architecture of the properties. There are several types of 3D floor plan services, but the Advanced type is the most preferred when combined with other services due to its top-notch quality. It enables high customization by showing what the house looks like in different furniture elements. This 3D floor plan type is rendered by 3Dsmax software.

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Why bundle CGI + 3D floor plan?

Such combinations allow potential home buyers to see the property in miniature. That’s because CGI architectural visualization can only demonstrate the space, which is still images that do not fully describe the property. By bundling with 3D floor plan services, the interior is explained in detail with furniture materials and textures. Homebuyers can easily figure out the general proportions of the dwelling and how the furniture fits into the space. 

More interestingly, this bundle is a more cost-effective and time-saving solution because both CGI and 3D floor plans can be produced from the same input. Professional CG artists just need one architectural drawing to create both CGI and a 3D floor plan. No wonder this boosts productivity significantly.

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2. CGA

Computer-Generated Animation, or CGA, refers to the process of digitally generating animated images. Architectural CG Animation takes viewers on an imaginary tour of the property as if it had already been constructed, which brings a spectacular look to a static architectural scene. In short, it’s like a video.

Much like a drone or walkthrough video in a normal photography package, CGA serves as video content with an ultra-realistic look in a 3D package that can be used to showcase the exterior. With CGA, you don’t need extra photographs to prove the property is worth the money. It allows agents to present future homes with all the architectural details and materials that will be used in motion.

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Why bundle CGI + CGA?

It grabs attention on digital channels 

Real estate digital marketing is all about getting your clients’ attention with visual content. You can utilize photorealistic computer-generated walkthroughs to show online viewers you have more than just pictures and text. That’s a highly engaging way to showcase a property and create solid engagement on socials. Be creative as it is in your way to drive traffic and website conversion.

It shows the property’s surroundings in reality

For homebuyers, the decision to buy a house is influenced not only by the dwelling’s design but also by the neighborhood’s infrastructure and amenities. CGA can offer in-person house tours the same way a 3D walkthrough does or aerial tours as drone videos do. With CGA services, homebuyers can virtually imagine the neighborhood and see how the property visually blends in with its surrounding landscape. 

It utilizes the rendering time

Producing real estate computer-generated animations separately from scratch takes a long rendering time. Bundling with CGA can solve this tricky issue because CGA can be simpler created with CGI’s static visualizations. Needless to say, this combination optimizes time and effort. 


There are several advantages when bundling your CGI packages with 3D floor plans as well as CGA services. 3D floor plans present a lot more details about properties while CGA showcases the future home like a 3D walkthrough. Depending on the market demand and client preferences, real estate photography companies can consider offering bundling services to leverage the offerings and drive sales.