Top 5 benefits of real estate editing company with a powerful system

How does a real estate editing company help you with an ordering system?

One of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a real estate editing company to outsource is their ordering system as it can bring you tremendous benefits in management, communication, and productivity. What’s better than partnering with an outsourcing company that knows the system like the back of their hands? That will surely save you from lots of potential issues. Continue reading to find out the detailed benefits. 

#1. Less risk or errors of losing files

When outsourcing to a real estate editing company, a manual workflow creates opportunities for human mistakes like missing files or processing errors. Let’s assume you shoot 7000 property images per week that need editing. If both you and your provider don’t have a system, sending files via emails or Google Drive back and forth can be such a pain. Imagine if you’re in the middle of uploading and the internet went out. Ouch, the uploading process is back from the beginning! This manual approach is not only time-consuming but can also potentially jeopardize the entire operation. 

Having a reliable outsourcing system can put your mind at ease when it comes to outsourcing to a real estate editing company. 

work with a real estate editing company with a system
A functional outsourcing system benefits photography companies

It may not seem like such a big deal when you are just starting out your business, but once your company starts growing, having a technology enabling you to directly upload files for post-processing work is incredibly helpful. Knowing this, our tech team at Esoft had developed our own outsourcing portal called Coconut which is well utilized and loved by all of our clients. Dropbox, Google Drive, and long-winded email constructions are no longer necessary. With Esoft Coconut portal, you can enjoy a simple and centralized hub of work. 

Featured service: Coconut System

#2. Efficient workflow & order management.

Big real estate editing companies usually have a solid ordering system to support their clients most effectively. The real estate photography management platforms are designed to speed up the process of order creating and processing. How so you might ask? Let’s look at an example. 

With an ordering system like Esoft Coconut, real estate photography companies can place orders from pre-setup products, check status, leave instructions, request customer support, and correction tickets all in one. What’s better than outsourcing to a real estate editing company with a streamlined management process!?

workflow of real estate photo editing outsourcing services
Standard workflow at Esoft

Moreover, when the photo outsourcing service has an order management system, it’s easier for their clients to review past orders and trace details such as photographer accounts, order & delivery time for the best record-keeping purposes. Sounds like lots of things to benefit from, right? Wait, here’s another one. There’s zero to a very small maintenance fee, and you don’t need to invest in other systems. Plain wonder! 

#3. Consistent Brand Identity

Best real estate editing companies know how to empower their clients’ business interests through branding. Just like real estate photography management software, ordering systems can be white-labeled so you can brand it your way with a custom web domain and visual display to make your business more attractive and credible to work with, both to realtors and single photographers.

Say you are outsourcing virtual staging services to another company that has a white-labeled furniture catalog. All you have to do is insert your logo onto the catalog and send it straight to your clients so they can pick and choose the right furniture set they want for their property. It’s cool, innit? 

White-labeled system empowers your brand identity
      White-labeled system empowers your brand identity

Apart from client empowerment, it’s business protection. Imagine your company recently contracted 10 freelance photographers and you have them upload photos directly onto your post-production portal to save time. And since your outsourcing partner doesn’t have a white label system, your photographers know exactly who you’re working with. 3 months later, they leave your business, go solo, work with your clients and your provider, and create unnecessary competition. This is an example of how a private branded setup can prevent such things. 

#4. Productivity

Compared to the traditional workflow of sending files via Dropbox and Google Drive, a specialized ordering system offers multiple productivity benefits. Most systems have a wide range of tools and features (depending on the supplier) to best support users. 

Traditionally, after receiving edited photos, you will send corrections by taking screenshots, writing instructions to email editors, or using Photoshop or any other tools to overwrite the images and bear the risk of the email being misinterpreted. However, with Esoft Coconut’s visual annotation tool, you can directly and visually instruct editors such as ‘remove the power lines here, ‘fix the grass there’ or ‘desaturate the sky’.

Another great productivity feature you can benefit from working on a system is that order history can be easily managed and exported to a spreadsheet. That way, you can really say bye to manually putting every order detail into your own files. If your goal is to scale up your photography businesses, automating small repetitive tasks such as those mentioned can easily save you an extra staff in the office dealing with those.

Those are just two amongst many brownie points a professional editing company with a sound ordering system can offer.


There you go, vital criteria to consider before having a long-term partnership with a real estate editing company. In short, when outsourcing, it’s a wise choice to go for the one with a management platform. You know it facilitates the collaboration process and helps your business scale rapidly.