Agent Branding: What Social Media Bundle you should provide?

Agent Branding: What Social Media Bundle you should provide for real estate agents

Do you know around 80% of realtors are active on social media every day as their strategic business channel?

The empire of KOLs, Social media influencers, or online KOCs is becoming even more prevalent in all industries. Building personal branding utilizing social media platforms is a significant part. In this game, players will be a loser once not follow the rule.

In the Real estate industry, real estate agent perceives the demand in building strong agent branding or online presence in their business. They understand that real estate agent branding will be their heavy weapon in helping them win the game.

Although recognizing the informant of agent brandings, most agents are suspicious about a lack of resources and materials to assist them in boosting their online presence. That is why real estate agent marketing was born to help them blossom. But no one can do their branding with only one platform. Cross-platform agent branding is a pivotal matter.

In this article, we indicate the need for real estate agents on social media marketing and what real estate marketing companies can offer to meet the market demand.

The demand for Agent branding in the real estate industry?

A recent report done by social media today proves that real estate agents today are more reliant on social media platforms. Agent branding on social media is even more meaningful than on the website. About 60% of real estate agents confessed to laboriously relying on social media to promote their branding and business.

The continuous booming of social media made real estate agents crazy. Sadly, almost they are hungry for the right visual content to post.

What are real estate Agents talking about?

Buffer said that visual content boosts 40 times in post-engagement. I believe that every adult knows that. But creating visual content for several platforms, which are platform-friendly, is not a piece of cake. Real estate agents are no exception. 

Indeed had done a survey, targeting hundreds of real estate agents. They were asking about how confident they were in their social media branding. They found about 65% of respondents show low confidence in their real estate agent branding on social media.

The game of social media emphasizes the capability of regular posting, content sharing, showing eye-catching material, and more. Agents fear delaying their day-to-day tasks when taking time on top of social media trends. It is a paradox in some ways that they are really into doing business on social media, but getting lost in algorithm shifts, constantly changing trends, or content composition.

Indeed’s surveys also found that Real estate agents love to upload social-friendly videos. 80% of survey respondents agree that uploading videos helped them gain significant impressions and reach. 

Moreover, Instagram today is still the favorite platform for most savvy real estate agents. They are embracing their content in social media in favor of embracing short videos (vertical reels). It leads to the agents’ need for solutions that support straight to their social media activities, which tap into platform-friendly content.

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How to respond to the market demands?

Since real estate agents all know they need better engagement on social media, but most agents get confused in making strategies and producing content. Notably, exposing in only one platform is not realistic. They need to leverage their agent branding in some strategic social media sites.

In order to solve this pain, real estate businesses could offer social media bundles to help agents brand more efficiently. Real estate agents need strategies and guidance to lead them out of ambiguity. Although, they catch the objective of social media branding lack professionals to help with precise execution. Even for planning, agents are not experts on social media. Then the important thing is they need to be educated. In other words, they need information or content to guide them to the right thing.

Content production is a big part of social media agent branding. You could offer them media packages combining platform-friendly content with selected social media sites. A social media bundle would save time and effort, helping agents return to their expertise. 

However, you can find lots of companies offering social media branding bundles for real estate. So, what makes your products outstanding? The answer is value- offering instead of services. The critical product bundling strategy here is telling agents in detail what they can do for their business on social media. Balancing between social media promotion packages and valuables content packages is a critical pillar.

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Real estate Agent Branding: what social media bundle can you offer?

Absolutely, no answer fits all. We cannot tell you the exact product bundling examples you need for your photography business. Instead, we share specific bundling strategies. 

Vertical Video

In the past, the empire of YouTube and television influence the video upload in social videos in favor of 16:9 horizontal videos. Today, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts employ vertical video to be friendly to smartphone users. As part of the social media bundle for real estate agents, vertical videos would be a big deal.  

Real estate agents might need vertical videos to showcase the property and their personal agent brand as well. 

  1. Slideshow video: utilize photos in different formats with animation and catchy music.
  2. Vertical reels: helping real estate agents stay on top of social media trends.
  3. Teaser video for social media: Help agents catch the curiosity with an appealing teaser with speed ramps and catchy music.
  4. Walkthrough reels: a catchy way to showcase properties inside out.
  5. Vertical virtual timelapse: Animated video describing virtual recording Timelapse video of properties from dawn to dusk. 

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Vertical Photo

A set of socially friendly photos would be perfect to offer to real estate agents. It comes up with a size fitting each platform and content consistent with cross-platform promotion. Vertical photos would be add-on with retouching, virtual staging, renovation, and more. Do not offer a single photo or single editing style. You can try a collection of vertical photos which can be used on different social sites and for several occurrences.

You can also utilize vertical photos as input for making attractive videos. It does not only take advantage of input source optimization but also brings content consistent for agent branding. 

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Combined packages with Value-Added materials.

When it comes to social media bundles, you should think about the combination and balancing. The packages should include several socially friendly contents in different formats. But it is not a significant competency. Educated materials such as guidelines, tutorials, and examples would be more valuable for your customers.

The thing is that we are not selling a product. We are selling a completed solution to help agents shine. 

In conclusion: Agent branding is never getting old in the time of social media booming. To fulfill the demands of agents promoting their business on social media platforms, real estate marketing companies should start offering social media suite with the selected products together with add-on marketing materials to stay on top of agents‘ minds.