Explore Home Staging Virtual with 8 Interior styles

8 Popular Interior Designs For Virtual Home Staging

Interior design is a diverse and constantly changing field– it can be challenging to keep up with all the trends and styles that go in and out of fashion. When Home staging virtual or building a virtual house, it’s important to know which interior design style suits the project and meets the client’s needs. Here are eight of the most popular styles to give you some inspiration.

1. Modern Home Staging

“Modern” is a word often thrown around in interior design. While it might seem vague, the Modern interior design style is actually quite distinct. It features clean lines and smooth, sleek surfaces. Choose simple color schemes that are primarily black and white when virtually staging your home. Metal, chrome, and glass are the favored materials in this style, giving the space a cool and neutral look. Modernist art is often the star in this style, bringing some color to the simple walls while also tying the room together. 

2. Minimalist Home Staging

With minimalism, less is more. The furniture is primarily functional and often cleverly disguises storage space. Focus on a well-defined color scheme, with neutrals and one accent color. This virtual design is open and airy, but it does not have to be cold. Bring some richness into the surroundings by playing with texture to add movement, visual interest, and variety to a space. At its core, minimalism is about simplicity, refinement, and paring a space down to the essentials.

3. Industrial Home Staging

This modern, urban style of home staging is full of character. Inspired by the gritty vibes of factories and warehouses, the Industrial style turns architectural features like high ceilings and massive windows into a key interior design element. A cool and neutral color scheme is balanced with raw wood and unfinished metals, giving the space a masculine feel. Recycled materials are popular, such as an old crate doubling up as a coffee table. Exposed brick and polished concrete are also common materials.

4. Scandinavian in Virtual House Staging

Immensely popular, the Scandinavian style needs no introduction. With organic shapes and cozy textiles, this style focuses on accent ornaments and otherwise clean spaces. Wood textures are a feature, not only in the flooring but also in the furniture. Together with white walls and fairly bare layouts, Nordic design can play with grey undertones, which pair well with the emphasis on lighting as a key feature of any room.

5. Traditional Style of Virtual Home Staging

Example of Virtual Home Staging in traditional styles

Inspired by the 18th and 19th-century European styles, stage your home with lush furniture that screams elegance and warmth. Patterns will reign in this style, with upholstery featuring floral and other traditional designs all matching to bring a sense of cohesiveness to a room. Gone are the clean lines of the modern era. A traditional design creates a rich, warm, and inviting space. Intimate and cozy, it is unlike the sparsely decorated styles of the modern period.

6. French Country Across Virtual House Staging

In between modern and traditional, we have French Country, which is a sophisticated blend of several styles. With antique furniture, warm woods, and some modern prints, this design plays with juxtapositions as the elegance of the modern home staging style’s muted colors come together with the rustic tones of the farmhouse. Bring a little slice of the French Provence to your virtual home staging with natural fabrics like cotton and linen as well as the natural color palette of soft yellows and blues or the warmer pinks and orangey reds.

7. Mid-Century Modern Home Staging

modern home staging with Mid-Century style

With organic shapes and attention to functionality, this style has elements similar to the Scandinavian design. However, the Mid-Century Modern is a blend of several guiding principles. The practicality of the 50s, the earthiness of the 60s, and the vibrant colors of the 70s come together to build this fun, quirky style. The attention to functionality is evident in the sleek and simple silhouettes. It provides a good contrast with retro-style materials, which feature plastic and acrylic.

8. Bohemian Virtual Home Styling

Bohemian decor is probably the most maximalist style listed here. Featuring an eclectic collection of objects, perhaps an antique chest of drawers, or a crystal candelabra picked up at the flea market, this style is a hodgepodge of different aesthetics. You could make virtual house staging with lush textiles, natural materials, and low-lying furniture. Stack your trinkets on distressed furnishings to add even more character! This makes the space more visually interesting with colors, patterns, and tons of layering.

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