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5 Types of 3D Real Estate Rendering Services You Need To Know

Different real estate projects call for different types of visuals. This is why it is important to understand what each rendering type has to offer and the best practice for using it. Here are 5 types of 3D real estate rendering that you can choose from to help showcase your and the client’s vision.

1. Exterior 3D Rendering Services

One of the most widely used types of real estate renderings in the market today, 3d exterior rendering services is the creation of a realistic three-dimensional image of a building from its architectural plans. This helps potential buyers or tenants visualize what the structure will look like when it is finished. In real estate, a photorealistic, rendered image with exterior 3d rendering services is the first step to presenting your vision and the intended outcome of any project.

Esoft can produce highly detailed real estate renderings with our top-notch technology, highlighting features such as texture or lighting. These subtle differences can make huge differences to the images, giving your clients the feeling of seeing the actual building exterior with their own eyes.
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exterior 3D Rendering Services concept

2. 3d Interior Rendering Services

While exteriors showcase the grandiosity of a project, interiors are just as important. A 3D architectural rendering service of interior space will give your client a taste of what the space will look like to a person in the room. Presenting an image of a furnished and decorated space will convey the livability, layout, and space of the interior much better – bringing your visions for a project to life. 

3D Interior Rendering also works with 360 panorama images, meaning you can prepare the perfect materials for a 360 virtual tour or simple panoramic display with yet-to-exist visuals. These interior 3D architectural renderings are also crucial tools in the communication between designers and clients. They allow both parties to agree on the visualization of space, such as styles, layouts, and colors. With photorealistic 3d interior rendering services, you can even go so far as to decorate an interior with specific furniture that a client might ask for, fully capturing your ideas and the client’s dreams.

3d Interior real estate renderings Services with specific furniture

3. Computer Generated Animation (CGA) Rendering Services

The above visuals presented thus far have been still image renderings of a project. With 3D-rendered animations, you can fully flesh out your vision of a space for the client and show off your designs in their entirety. Your client can quickly check out different scenes and angles with a moving point of view.

You can provide a depth of space, play with different lighting, or perhaps even present different materials and textures as part of the 3D animation. It also helps communicate your designs and plans to clients, contractors, and other vendors, ensuring that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.

4. Virtual Tour of Real Estate Renderings

A step beyond animation is a virtual tour. Virtual tours are the most immersive visual content types combining 3D real estate renderings you can provide for your client. It is an efficient and effective way to present your ideas to the client through interactive visuals – effectively allowing them to explore the space fully, even before any construction begins. This allows your client to go through each and every detail and angle of the project so that he can have the same idea of what to expect from it. This thorough virtual tour is sure to wow any client and is an extremely useful tool in both architectural and real estate fields. 

5. 3D Floor Plan Rendering

3D Floor Plan Rendering in the case of real estate renderings- 3d exterior rendering company
Advanced 3D Floor Plan

While this is the most advanced type of floor plan, it also gives clients absolute flexibility. In a traditional two-dimensional blueprint, it can be difficult to visualize how objects will fit in the space. However, with a three-dimensional (3D) floor plan, individuals can see everything from all angles, allowing for more accuracy when planning their layout. This approach can also help them create a more functional and visually appealing space. 3D floor plans among real estate renderings are created with tools such as Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, 3ds Max, and Floorplanner. 

Showcase Your Vision With Esoft’s 3D Real Estate Rendering Services

Showing your client a well-rendered visual of the space that they are trying to realize is crucial in the real estate business. As these visuals showcase the product, the quality of the visuals you reveal to them is also of paramount importance which can make or break a deal.

With professional real estate photography expertise, Esoft provides all types of real estate rendering services, including 3D interior and exterior rendering as well as virtual tours and animations. We will then tailor them according to your needs as a designer so you can show off your unique real estate presentation styles. Contact us at +84 968 155 354 or email info.vn@esoft.com to find out more.