4 Types of Real Estate Images and Media Types You Can Offer Agents

4 Types of Real Estate Images and Media Types You Can Offer Agents

The type of real estate images and media you use can make or break a sale opportunity. Different photos and videos will appeal to different buyers, so it’s important to know which ones to use. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to capture the interest of as many potential buyers as possible, you need to market captivating real estate images and media that will grab one’s attention. Take a look at these four types of images and media that can help you close the deal. 

1. Interior and exterior shots of the property

The most common and effective images for real estate marketing are internal and external photos of the property. They help showcase the layout, finishes, and features, providing ”first steps” inside the house without viewers visiting it in person. 

Interior photography highlights property’s best features

Interior shots should highlight the property’s best features, such as unique architectural details or spacious rooms. Meanwhile, exterior shots should show off the property’s grounds and give a sense of the surrounding neighborhood. Focus on the major selling points of the property and take photos from a few different angles. Also, consider adding lifestyle shots which help potential buyers envision themselves living in the home by showing how they could use the space.

Interior and exterior photoshoot and editing services to offer better visuals

Most importantly, the photos used to showcase each property must be of optimal quality. Expert photo editing is incredibly important to ensure you’re offering up the home in the best way possible. This may include digital decluttering and retouching as well as virtual dusk for twilight imagery.

2. Aerial photography

Besides interior and exterior shots, aerial photography can also be a great way to showcase a property for sale. Using a drone to take aerial photos gives prospective buyers a unique imagery perspective. It offers a clear, bird’s eye overview of the entire house so buyers can see features they might not be able to see from the ground. Also, aerial photos communicate what local neighborhood has to offer, which helps buyers imagine their town life later. In fact, listed homes with accompanying aerial images sell nearly 70% quicker than others with regular photos, which is why drone photography is most definitely a marketing approach to discuss with your vendors.

Real estate aerial photography is a high-value service RE businesses offer

3. 3D-rendered media

3D-rendered media play a huge role in real estate marketing, especially for properties that have not been fully built. They are computer-generated images and videos that give potential buyers a realistic property visualization. Realtors can use these media to show what a home would look like with digital furniture or with different paint colors using virtual renovations. They can even use the media assets to create virtual home tours to go a step further! As they can be easily edited, 3D-rendered media offer great flexibility when it comes to marketing a listing. In some cases, they may be even less expensive and time-consuming than traditional photography

4. Virtual tours or videos of the property

Virtual tours and videos of the property are also particularly effective in landing a sale. By giving buyers a 360-degree view of the real estate, they can get a better sense of the layout and design without physically visiting the property. This is especially helpful in driving more inquiries from buyers who are located far away from the property or those who have time constraints that prevent them from being able to schedule a physical viewing. 

Virtual tours provide potential buyers an immersive experience beyond simply looking at static images. They have a chance to explore the property at their own pace right from the comfort of their own home. On the other hand, videos can be used to highlight key features of the property more dynamically. They are also excellent for providing potential buyers with a glimpse of what it would be like to live in the property. 

When used effectively, virtual tours and videos can be powerful tools for highlighting real estate features that might be missed in traditional photos, such as built-in shelving or unique architectural details. You might even consider bringing drone footage into the video so you can combine aerial and video in one for extra appeal.

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