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Grievance Policy
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Grievance Policy

Esoft is committed to maintaining a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, and any form of unfair treatment. It is important to treat employees in a respectful and dignified manner, and any actions or conduct that do not meet this standard will not be accepted.

Esoft provides a grievance policy to set forth how employees and management raise and resolve a formal grievance. That way we can foster a supportive and pleasant workplace for everyone in Esoft.


How does the Grievance Process work?

Informal Procedure
If you have any concerns, you should try to resolve such by talking to your supervisor/manager/HR first. Most concerns will be resolved at this early stage. The grievance procedure does not take the place of normal communication with your supervisor/manager and colleagues.


Formal Procedure
You are advised to raise a formal grievance in below circumstances:

  • The concerns are unable to be resolved satisfactorily with your manager’s help.
  • If you feel that the issue is too serious or sensitive to follow the informal approach.
  • If the grievance relates to a supervisor behavior that can bring disciplinary action (e.g. sexual harassment or violence), employees should refer directly to the HR department or the next level supervisor.


How to make Grievance report?

Please access the Grievance secure channel and click on “Make a Report” to start the process. It is important to make sure the information contained in the report is as concrete as possible so that it can be processed and investigated efficiently.



All reports are treated confidentially.




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