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Code of Conduct for Employees
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Code of Conduct for Employees

Esoft Group is committed to enabling sustainable development as expressed in our Esoft Group Sustainability Policy Commitment. We all work hard to make a positive change for sustainable development. We expect employees, management, and board members in Esoft Group to assist us meeting our Commitment.


This Code of Conduct for Employees (CoCE) covers all Esoft companies, it subsidiaries and covers all employees (including full-time, part-time, and temporary employees), interns, trainees, agents acting under the Company name. The CoCE informs you, as a valued team member, what the Commitment entails in practice. In addition to this CoCE, you are expected to read and follow our policies and procedures that cover your areas of responsibility.


CSR, ESG or Sustainability covers three elements: Social, Environmental, and Economic Sustainability. The key elements are defined by the international community. These elements form the basis of our Commitment and this CoCE. We regularly assess our impacts against the key elements of sustainability and require our Business Relationships to do the same.


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