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Esoft is one of the world’s leading real-estate tech companies specializing in property presentations, image processing, 3D visualization, and online marketing of properties worldwide.

Our customers are real estate agents and property-marketing companies in Europe, US, and Australia who rely on us for our fast service, our innovative solutions, and high and consistent quality. The company was founded in 2000 in Denmark and our platform in Vietnam has been operating since 2007. We currently employ more than 800 people in our offices in Vietnam, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

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At Esoft, we encourage all applicants from minorities, women, the people with disabilities and all other qualified applicants.


1. Quick re-train, coaching

- Monitor in-house staff and part-timer/vendor those who have low performance to designing proper training and coaching.

- Deliver training content and materials.

- Deliver the course to with right audience, suitable capacity, and time duration to ensure effective training.

- Trainer content storage.

- Ensure Trainees access the platform.

- Organize & manage classes and track training calendar both offline & online in areas of technical assignment.

- Set up a trainee evaluation system for timely improvement.

- Training delivery: Choose an appropriate delivery method to achieve training objectives.

- Evaluate trainee’s platform using technical skills periodically to ensure effectiveness after training.

- Live production performance follow-up: Follow up on live production performance and report to related departments for proper actions.

2. Client complaints (Re-active)

- Investigation of customers’ complaints: Analyze the root cause of complaints and reported quality issues to ensure closure in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements.

- Propose and implement short-term and long-term solutions for quality issues.

- Coordinate with other stakeholders to ensure the agreed solutions are followed and implemented.

3. Maintaining quality (Pro-active)

- Apply to procedure

- Internal Audit

- Use inspection and test plan to proactive control quality in the in-process

- Apply to the quality management system

4. Quality system procedures

- Design and update workflow of producing a product

- Update various systems (Lychee, EPT, etc.) when there is a change to a product

5. Onboarding new clients

- Organize and supervise the new client test in production to ensure the quality meets client expectations

- Leading the processing time test

- Coordinate with other stakeholders to ensure smooth onboarding.

- Continuously monitor quality and client feedback after launching

6. Internal production optimization

- Come up with new ideas for optimization and follow Design thinking framework (Ideate -> POC -> Test -> Implement)

- Implement optimization, new technology, new software into production

7. Onboarding new external resources

- Organize and supervise the new external resources test in production to ensure the quality meets the products' requirements

- Leading the processing time test

- Coordinate with TA-Sourcing team to ensure smooth onboarding.

- Continuously quality checking after onboarding


1. Knowledge

- Proficiency in using Photoshop, Camera Raw, Bridge.

- At least 1 year working in the real-estate editing industry

- Supplementary knowledge

- General knowledge of product quality management.

- Experience working with part-time employees and vendors both online and offline.

2. Skills

- Creates new insights from a wide range of information, tools and techniques, be able to use Office software: Excel, Word, PowerPoint

- Thinks imaginatively, or “outside of the box” to identify and/or develop creative solutions for which there are few or no precedents.

- Seeks out new information and brings forward innovative solutions with little to no guidance.

- Integrates relevant concepts/models into a complete vision or solution for which there is no previous experience or road map.

- Understand and utilize technology to improve approaches and solutions

- Turn ideas into something valued by the company and customers

- Problem-solving skills.

- Root cause analysis skill.

- Reporting skills.

- Research skills.

- Communication skills.

- Basic skills English for report writing, emails, communication, and presentations.

3. Personal requirements (Attitude, personality, ability)

- Demonstrate 6 core values of Esoft (Openness, Care, Credibility, Quality, Passionate, Innovation).

- Good health can work under high pressure, no color blind.

- Ability to work in shifts, Tet, and Holiday to support production when required

Apply before: as soon as possible