Apply - Esoft COM

Quality Specialist (Photo)

1. Quick re-train, coaching

- Monitor in-house staff and part-timer/vendor those who have low performance to designing proper training and coaching.

- Deliver training content and materials.

- Deliver the course to with right audience, suitable capacity, and time duration to ensure effective training.

- Trainer content storage.

- Ensure Trainees access the platform.

- Organize & manage classes and track training calendar both offline & online in areas of technical assignment.

- Set up a trainee evaluation system for timely improvement.

- Training delivery: Choose an appropriate delivery method to achieve training objectives.

- Evaluate trainee’s platform using technical skills periodically to ensure effectiveness after training.

- Live production performance follow-up: Follow up on live production performance and report to related departments for proper actions.

2. Client complaints (Re-active)

- Investigation of customers’ complaints: Analyze the root cause of complaints and reported quality issues to ensure closure in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements.

- Propose and implement short-term and long-term solutions for quality issues.

- Coordinate with other stakeholders to ensure the agreed solutions are followed and implemented.

3. Maintaining quality (Pro-active)

- Apply to procedure

- Internal Audit

- Use inspection and test plan to proactive control quality in the in-process

- Apply to the quality management system

4. Quality system procedures

- Design and update workflow of producing a product

- Update various systems (Lychee, EPT, etc.) when there is a change to a product

5. Onboarding new clients

- Organize and supervise the new client test in production to ensure the quality meets client expectations

- Leading the processing time test

- Coordinate with other stakeholders to ensure smooth onboarding.

- Continuously monitor quality and client feedback after launching

6. Internal production optimization

- Come up with new ideas for optimization and follow Design thinking framework (Ideate -> POC -> Test -> Implement)

- Implement optimization, new technology, new software into production

7. Onboarding new external resources

- Organize and supervise the new external resources test in production to ensure the quality meets the products' requirements

- Leading the processing time test

- Coordinate with TA-Sourcing team to ensure smooth onboarding.

- Continuously quality checking after onboarding


1. Knowledge

- Proficiency in using Photoshop, Camera Raw, Bridge.

- At least 1 year working in the real-estate editing industry

- Supplementary knowledge

- General knowledge of product quality management.

- Experience working with part-time employees and vendors both online and offline.

2. Skills

- Creates new insights from a wide range of information, tools and techniques, be able to use Office software: Excel, Word, PowerPoint

- Thinks imaginatively, or “outside of the box” to identify and/or develop creative solutions for which there are few or no precedents.

- Seeks out new information and brings forward innovative solutions with little to no guidance.

- Integrates relevant concepts/models into a complete vision or solution for which there is no previous experience or road map.

- Understand and utilize technology to improve approaches and solutions

- Turn ideas into something valued by the company and customers

- Problem-solving skills.

- Root cause analysis skill.

- Reporting skills.

- Research skills.

- Communication skills.

- Basic skills English for report writing, emails, communication, and presentations.

3. Personal requirements (Attitude, personality, ability)

- Demonstrate 6 core values of Esoft (Openness, Care, Credibility, Quality, Passionate, Innovation).

- Good health can work under high pressure, no color blind.

- Ability to work in shifts, Tet, and Holiday to support production when required

Apply before: as soon as possible