As we all know, .Com is king of domain extensions and helps distinguish your business at the top.


The internet is still in its infancy, and more people from all over the world are relying on the web every day. Many businesses are starting to discover the need for an online presence.


Domain name liquidity is becoming a very real thing in the eyes of investors all over the world.  But what really makes domain names such a viable investment?... It all generally revolves around supply and demand. There is only 1 company/person that can own for example.


With huge aftermarket platforms such as GoDaddy, Sedo, Flippa, Namejet and many more marketplaces the industry is continuing to grow at an incredibly fast pace as people look to invest in these online assets.


Domain names are essentially Internet Real Estate. Some people buy them as an investment, and others buy them for end-user purposes.


So what categories are “domainers” investing their money in?

-          Short 2 Letter, 3 Letter, and 4 Letter .coms – example

-          Short 2 Number, 3 Number, 4 Number and 5 Number.coms – example

-          Brandable and made-up names – example

-          1 Word .coms – example –

-          2 word .coms – example –


To elaborate…The 3-Letter .com market saw an average sale price of $36,000 in 2015. The huge increase in sales was partially down to the Chinese entrance into the market. There are only 17,575 possible 3 Letter .com combinations, so naturally as more people invest in these assets, the prices continue to rise.


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